The New York Giants could have saved some hotel and airfare and mailed in their game on Sunday. The Giants looked pathetic. Heartless. Losers. And that was bad having to play the Vikings, a team that needed a win to remain in the hunt for the elusive second seed of the NFC and a bye week in the playoffs.

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Vikings Special Delivery To The Giants
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The Vikings came out swinging knocking the Giants out in the first possession. Brett Favre completed over 80% of his passes for 316 yards and 4 touchdowns for an almost perfect 148.7 passer rating.

A welcome sight, Adrian Peterson did not fumble the ball and when he was in heavy coverage or in contact with defenders, he wrapped both hands around the ball. His stats for the game, 9 carries, 54 yards, and one touchdown.

Sidney Rice came to play Sunday, as he has every week. His 6 catch for 112 yards and two touchdowns is the reason why he is in the pro bowl.

Percy Harvin solidified his rookie of the year status with a 7 catch for 59 yards performance and a rush for 22 yards.

Visanthe Shiancoe, tight end, 7 catches, 94 yards, one touchdown.

Jared Allen with another sack and a forced fumble. Chad Greenway with a diving interception. The offensive line avoiding any sacks on Favre, Longwell kicking straight and true, the defense holding the Giants to 181 total yards.

That is how a team responds to adversity. That is how a team steps up to the next level. That is how a team takes home field advantage. That is exactly how a team is supposed to enter the playoffs. That is exactly why the Vikings will win.

The Vikings are at 12-4, NFC North Champs, second seed in the playoffs. An extra week off allowing the players to rest and heal up, Pat Williams, Hutchinson, Winfield.

It is now time for the Vikings to take create their own destiny, damn the gods and torpedoes, and reach what is in their grasp.