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    Vikings show no class

    "snowinapril" wrote:

    Terry, Howie, Jimmie and JB all took it to personally, "you guys in the media."

    I don't know what those guys were thinking.
    Well I can understand Bradshaw getting upset about it - seeing a smooth, round & white dome on TV obviously reminds him of the smooth, round & white dome he sees each morning in the mirror ...... who says bald guys aren't sensitive :lol:
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Vikings show no class

    I thought that what Moss did was Hilarious! If one of the Packers had done that to us, they would have thought the same thing. Its a double standard. I was watching the game with a bunch of Cheeseheads yesterday, and they were yelling out, tackle Dante and twist his ankle while your down there. If I were to have said something like that about their beloved Favre I would have gotten my head chewed off! But then when Randy pulled his little stunt, they jumped all over the three Viking fans that were there saying that they would be embarrassed if that was their team member. I think they were bitter that we were wining and that is why they were mad.

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    Re: Vikings show no class

    "dan3ski" wrote:
    While Moss showed a total lack of class with his end zone act I also read the lips of several viking players as they cussed at the Packer fans. I am sure the fans there did some bad mouthing of the Viking players still each and everyone of the Viking players that responded in kind should be fined! This is another problem I have with Tice he has no control of his players! The NFL needs to clamp down on this behavior and start fining and suspending these players as well. Professional atheletes as adults are roll models and quite frankly they are not setting a good example.
    Dude they are playing football. ok if you want a classy game go to Great Britin and watch cricket or tennis or something. and even tennis is becoming less classier now a days. Remember we are watching football. guys rolling around in mud rain and snow. what about that is classy?
    Support the fro :rr:
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    Vikings show no class

    Maybe it's just me, but when Randy pulled that stunt, my first reaction was: "Thanks for sticking up for us!" As Vikings fans, we get picked on by other teams' fans, we watch the national media either ignore or trash our team, fans, coaches, and players, and we have to defend against the Anti-Moss witchhunt (see the 2 Seconds episode: Moss hurt our team? We won this week! Looks like those two seconds were exactly that...two seconds).

    I'll agree that the endzone celebration was probably not a smart move by Moss, but I'm sick of feeling under siege by other fans (what the hell is with random people giving me s**t about liking the Vikes? I never volunteer negative statements about other teams, and I sure as hell didn't ask for others' opinions!). It felt to me at the time that Randy was saying something along the lines of: "For all of you who trash me, my team, and our fans, belittle and underestimate us, and try to crucify me in the media; you can kiss my/our ass(s)."

    I'm sure that I'm over-elevating the 'integrity' of Moss's celebration, but it's what it meant for me. Rightly or wrongly, I saw the fake mooning as being more for the benefit of Vikings fans than against the Packer fans. And I thank him for it.
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    Vikings show no class

    Works for me!

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    Del Rio Guest

    Vikings show no class

    How many times has Moss been fined for stunts similar to this particular one? ------------------------------------------->0

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    Vikings show no class

    Looks like the NFl might fine Moss five thousand dollars for his little show.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Vikings show no class

    A well spent 5 grand!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Vikings show no class

    "dan3ski" wrote:
    Looks like the NFl might fine Moss five thousand dollars for his little show.
    Isn't that the equivalent of fifty bucks to us? WHOOP-DEEE-DOOOO!!!

    I loved the celebration, and I refuse to feel bad or apologize for feeling the way I do.


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