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I personnaly think that Robison should start at LE instead of Edwards.

Edwards who is starting only as 3 sacks
Robison who is back up and missed 1 game as 2.5 sacks

I think Robison should definatly be starting over cocky Edwards does anyone agree with me?
As some have already pointed out, Both Edwards and Robison are RDE's with Ray being a bit better suited to fill in as our LDE (in our base 4-3) because he was able to add a bit of weight and he had some experience at it in college.

Think of it along these lines.....

Were you happy when Keneche filled in at RDE a couple of years ago?
My guess is no, because he didn't get alot of sacks.

Kenech is a LDE who was asked to help out on the Right side because of some RDE issues.
End result, fans weren't happy with his production.

Same same for Ray.
With Keneche out and a lack of depth at the LDE position, Ray has been asked to fill in.
What that does to him is beats him down a bit, taking away from his abilities to get to the passer, however, he has been doing a bang up job holding the edge against the run, and when called on, disrupting passing to that side via the block.
Sacks aren't the only indicator here as well.
Take a look at how many holding penalities have come from RT's trying to hold him back as well.

Long story short (and we have a whole thread on this someplace), he is doing a fine job playing out of position.
K-rob acts as a nice option in obvious passing downs not only at the LDE but the DT positions as well, however, he would not have the explosion he has if he were forced to play the LDE or DT in our base 4-3 if he had to put up with the running aspect of the game.
are you sure its not because Robison is too undersized to take the additional beating LDE's get from attacking the strong side of a formation?
Isn't that what I just said?
: ;D
not how i read it, you were talking more about how Robison is a pass rusher, and hasn't had to deal with stopping the run much, which would negate his pass rush.

now, as far as the size thing, if he's too small to play LDE, then why is he playing some interior line where he gets mauled by guards and centers?
See you missed it.

I not only covered the first thing you said but the second as well.
Down and distance vs base 4-3.
Passing situation vs running situation.

All very simple.