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    The defense had poor depth and starters at MLB and nickel CB who had never or almost never played the position. The coaching was bad but the personnel on the defensive side of the ball weren't good enough anyway.
    I'm warming up to what Spielman is doing, but remain skeptical. QB, and depth are the two areas of most concern when I look at his drafts. I don't want to see him give away a number of draft picks to move up for one guy when so many positions need upgraded; unless it's for a franchise QB. If he bundles picks to get a QB and misses again, it could take a long time to recover.

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    When a GM trades picks to move up, over time, the team loses depth. The Vikings have lost depth, and the lack of free agents has not mitigated that.

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    Yet in the two years that Spielman has been in charge of the draft, he has had 19 picks and 5 first rounders
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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