[size=18px]Vikings Set a Course for Adventure[/size]

From The Washington Post;

By Tony Kornheiser
Tuesday, December 13, 2005

While the Indianapolis Colts might be writing the most compelling story in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings are currently telling the most remarkable one.

Months back the Vikes were left for dead -- mainly by their own hands. Their best runner was caught with the Original Whizzinator, a device used to beat a drug test. Their head coach admitted scalping Super Bowl tickets, and was fined by the commissioner. Many of their players sailed gleefully on that infamous chartered boat, with a cast of imported strippers. Capt. Stubing had the Love Boat, Fred Smoot had the Sex Boat. The Vikings were lost at sea.

The Vikings were left for dead by the time quarterback Daunte Culpepper was hurt, but his backup, Brad Johnson, above, is 6-0. Not bad for a guy whose age might be approaching the big 6-0. (By Elsa -- Getty Images)
The new owner reacted by saying he was troubled by all the tumult, and he had to "get more involved" in the team's day-to-day operations. As a result, every day brought new speculation the coach would be canned, and players would be disciplined. The Vikings stumbled out of the gate 1-4, and their situation degenerated even further when their best player, Daunte Culpepper, went down with a season-ending injury. At the time the Vikes were 2-5, and were the laughingstock of the NFL.

Well, nobody's laughing now. Somehow, the Vikings have won six in a row, and they're closing in on the playoffs! Somehow, Brad Johnson -- now older than Bob Barker -- got his dead battery jumped; Johnson's record as the starter is 6-0. (And if he goes 9-0, how do you not vote him the MVP?) Somehow, Mike Tice got the Vikings on the right path. How do you fire him now, even though with that pencil tucked behind his ear Tice looks like a butcher about to write down your meat order? Right now Norv Turner, Dom Capers and Mike Mularkey are closer to getting the hook than Tice.

So if you're Zygi Wilf, what else can you do but laugh? Outside of the Colts, you're leaving the biggest wake in the league.

Maybe everybody ought to rent that boat.