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    Absolutely no discipline on this team. None. Seems to me that that is all coaching. Awful coaching. Ponder is doin his best. I like the guy. Given half a chance, without idiotic penalties, he could succeed. Still, I love 'em It's a mental defect. I get off on the pain
    What the hell. He's running for his life almost every play.
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    Ponder had to battle the Colts, his lame-ass teammates, and his own coaching staff, and he and Harvin STILL nearly pulled it off. The guy is the real deal. Once ownership decides to actually compete, and hire a real coaching staff, the "Vikes will struggle to get any kind of respect. Meathead was a better coach then the circus troupe the team has callin the plays now. Still, ill watch, when i get the chance
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    This was a frustrating game. The coaching sucked as did the time management. Harvin again played his heart out. The defense wasn't very good. Ponder played well once they took the handcuffs off him. I'd like to see a game were we don't play scared right out of the gate. I'd like to see Ponder play with the shackles off from the start.

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