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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    Jackson looked better then I was expecting, he had good zip on his passes but he did stare down his primary receiver a couple of times and this could cost him as the season develops.

    Running game looks strong, Chester Taylor play is looking better and I wonder if AP presents has lit a fire in him.
    Defense was bland and I hope it was just preseason conservative play calling.
    Seattle was looking to redeem themselves after the loss to GB and early in the game they were held to FG’s.
    Getting to start the drives with a short field sure didn’t
    the D out.

    Wade’s play was a big and pleasant surprise, yet Williamson is still looking like he can’t adjust to the ball on the deep routes.
    If Troy can’t improve do we just use him for quick slants and hope his speed gets the yards after the catch (if he catches it) or is it time to shop him before other teams see too much of him and there is no interest.

    Two biggest disappointments for me were special teams and Bollinger.
    With cuts coming due by Tuesday I was expecting to see players flying around and big hits on the kick coverage as the fringe players hope to make the special teams.
    Instead I saw too many guys not wrapping the ball carrier and blowing tackles.
    Bollinger’s play was also sub par and all I can say is he must know Kelly Holcomb is coming to replace him (or he just sucks

    Over all I was much happier with the new receivers and Tjacks play, offense is upgraded over last years Brad Johnson version but if Jackson gets hurt I might get more skiing in this year.

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    Kinda underwelmed, though there was some flashes out on the field. Wade is gonna be awsome, but I think Rice, Williamson, and Shiancoe are gonna be having a good year. T-Jack was firing it out, good reads, and that ball to Troy was right on target. The running game is as good as it gets in the NFL, and will afford this offense time to get better.

    It is obvious we have alot of work to execute offensively better, but will continue to improve all season.

    The defense wasn't as dominant as in the last two games, but we held their first team offense to 2 field goals, the 1st, the drive beginng at our 19 yrd line from the fumbled snap on the first play. The second on our "special" team play with Nate B running a punt back deep into our territory. Defense is going to be fine.

    We need a kicker who can kick-off. He line drives every-one a low and fast and very returnable, instead off 4+ seconds, with some hangtime, he's probably barely 3.5+, our guys are not being given the time to get downfield coverage. Punts OK, coverage will be better when we are down to 53 guys and more talent is on the coverage teams.

    We were only down by 3 16-13 when I only closed my eyes for a second, so.... preseason growing pains, and flashes of excitement. We will improve all season on offense, and I expect it's not always going to be pretty, but we are only going to get better everyweek.

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    Our first team D did great to holding them to 3 FG's right off the back. Our special teams is killing us, and will kill us in the regular season.

    By Pack93z

    "Success is the ability to go from one failure to the other with no loss of enthusiasm"-Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    "singersp" wrote:
    "vikingivan" wrote:
    "UffDaVikes" wrote:
    It was a mixed performance.

    It wasn't a mixed performance.
    We stunk, plain and simple.
    It started bad when Tjack fumbled the first snap, and got worse from there.

    But, it was only a preseason game so mark it up as a learning experience and move on.
    ??? How can you say Wade's performance stunk?
    I did not single out any individual player.
    Football is a team sport.

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    The only thing that pissed me off was the Special Teams.

    Sure T-Jack made 2 mistakes (Which is wonderful for a second year LATE second round draft pick) The underthrew longball, and the fumble.-

    He looked great actually.

    He was poised in the pocket, wouldn't let the Defense blitzing to get the best of him, threw some long balls, two perfect ones on caught the other one not. And at least 3 of the non catches weren't his fault.

    But whattever, it's still the preseason.

    D looked great (1st string that is)

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    well, our first team has only scored two passing TD out of three games, one was on a trickery play.
    so i have yet to impressed by our offense.

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    The defense was killing me at times, very much bend not break but I hate all the passing yards they give up. Loved Winfield and Wade, but were did Williamson dissapear to? From what I saw he only had that one deep ball thrown his way. The pass protection just seemed awful. There were times that just the front four was getting pressure on TJ. Our defensive pressure was good but it didnt provide too much help. There were several times a guy got into the back field only to miss the tackle on the RB or Hasselbeck. I loved TJs velocity on the ball and he made mostly good desicions, but some of his deep balls he really under threw and I wonder if he is trying to over compensate from too much over throw in camp. To me its way worse to under throw because thats when most INTs happed. Good god special teams is bad...

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations


    1: Special Teams: The special teams really blew it for us. There was some really poor punt coverage, and our returns were nothing special either.

    2: Stupid Mistakes/Penalties: Cook. Cook. Cook. Cook. Cook!!! 2 false starts on the first two drives. Fumbled snap.

    3: Tackling: Arm tackles on a lot of outside runs by several different players, not breaking down and wrapping up(Griffin)


    1: The Passing Game: Tarvaris Jackson looked great. He had great velocity on his throws and showed a lot of accuracy. He still has some work to do, and has to get a little more comfortable on the field, but overall he looked excellent last night. And Bobby Wade!!! He was phenomenal, great game. Rice also looked good, he made one nice grab early on, I wish he could have shown what he could do in the redzone though. That longball that everyone is saying was underthrown was not TJacks fault. He got hit as he was throwing it and that put a totally different trajectory on the ball, it went much higher than intended and thats why it was short.

    2: Running Attack: Chester Taylor looked excellent, Peterson once again was a stud. The man is a thoroughbred, beast plain and simple I can't wait to see what kind of numbers he puts up.

    3: Defense: I blame the offense and special teams for those first two field goals, there was nothing the d could do to prevent them, we should be happy those drives resulted in field goals not touchdowns. Good pass rush, despite all of the holding that Walter Jones wasn't getting called for. Good coverage for the most part, I was especially impressed with how quickly Henderson dropped into coverage. McCauley looked great, Winfield looked great as well. The linebacker corps as a whole looked excellent, they looked fast, good tackling, great on the blitz, good coverage. I was really impressed with Greenway and Henderson especially.

    4: Offensive Line: In pass protection they did very well. We picked up their blitzes all the time, even when it was overwhelming pressure, like on the play where we threw it up for Wade when they just had man on our 3 WRs, we gave Jackson enough time to get the ball out. As a unit they were solid, individually we're weak at RT, hopefully Cook can at least be a decent starter for the year. I really hope we pick up Max Starks after this season, he'll be a UFA, and has apparently lost his starting spot at the Steelers RT. He's 25, very good, and has a ring.

    I would have like to see more of Shiancoe, he looks very athletic when he plays, I want to see him catch some passes over the middle. He did blow that play where Peterson was going to the outside, I forget if it was a screen or just an outside run, but it looked like Peterson would have scored, assuming he broke a few tackles, which he always does.

    Overall, I'm happy with how our starters played.

    We're gonna be a lot better than people think.

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    i think 1st stringers did good, TJ had a good game, Wade had a great game. Rice can catch the ball with ease, Troy shouldnt have had his right arm behind him holding back the defender on the long ball and i think he could've gotten it.D looked solid, held them to FG on short fields.

    O and special teams.... yeahhhh.... put our first string D on ST?

    Thanks josdin00

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    Re: Vikings - Seahawks Post-game rants, raves & observations

    Just finished my second viewing of the game.
    Here goes:
    The #1 defense did a good job limiting the impact of the lost first snap fumble, and crappy special teams play.
    The LBers need to make more tackles.
    Winfield playing against the slot receiver is a massive advantage for Frazier.

    As Mike Mayock so aptly put it, if the Vikes are going to succeed as a running and ball control team, they simply have got to have better special teams play.
    All aspects, coverage (including where the opposition fields a kickoff), and the return game.
    Bobby Wade simply knows how to get open and makes plays...just as we've been discussing.
    TJack zips the ball, however, hasn't proven (maybe I'm blind) that he can accurately throw the deep ball or the fade.
    He is, however, head and shoulders above Bollinger.
    LBer depth is a MAJOR issue and shows its ugly head in the third and fourth quarter of preseason games and in special teams coverage.
    They need to make a trade to address this...FAST
    Offensive line depth is offensive...see #7.
    Bollinger is NOT an option as a backup, nor is Henson or Thigpen...see #'s 6 and 7.
    Sidney Rice is raw, but he has good hands.
    There is alot to work with IMO.
    If the Vikes keep two FBs, one had better be Tahi.
    Much more versatile than Dugan.
    Peterson and Taylor will be an extremely formidable duo.
    OK, so Shiancoe caught a TD pass on a terrific end around pass play, but, he cost a potentially HUGE gain by AP because of a pre-snap penalty.
    Also, I can only hope Childress is holding back his "ability to stretch the middle of the field" for primetime...'cause I haven't seen squat yet.
    Furgeson will make a positive contribution.

    That's kinda how I see it.

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
    As a matter of fact, I do know

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