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    Vikings RBs undervalued

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "bigdogbovy" wrote:
    MM lacks the speed to be a faulk, but I did mention earlier this year here that he does remind me on Priest Holmes
    So did Emmitt Smith in his prime, yet I seem to remember him outrunning the Viking secondary one year on a big, long TD run (BOOOOO!). Alot of times slower 40 times don't translate on the football field into slower players (football speed is different than 40 speed sometimes). In high school, I could usually outrun supposedly faster (faster 40 times) players once I caught the ball, so don't shortchange MM...he has the potential to be a gamebreaker and that is definitely in the Marshall Faulk mold.
    He has been caught from behind though. Smith got caught plenty from behind. Bennett would have scored on a few of O Smith's runs. Moore doesn't get caught as much as O Smith though.

    Oh to answer the question in the previous post about Bennett getting himself into that position, he did it last year. Unless this knee injury has slowed him down there shouldn't be any reason he can't get into that position this year.

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    Vikings RBs undervalued

    Remember TIce was an awsome O-line coach. thats why our line is always very good.

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