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    Vikings | R. Edwards fined $5,000

    Didn't see this posted anywhere and I can't remember much about this hit.
    Was it against Seneca?


    Vikings | R. Edwards fined $5,000
    Fri, 27 Oct 2006 18:01:55 -0700

    Judd Zulgad, of the Star Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings DL Ray Edwards has been fined $5,000 for a roughing the passer penalty during the Week 7 game. Edwards plans to appeal the fine.

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    Re: Vikings | R. Edwards fined $5,000

    Phillip Daniels of the 2-5 Washington Redskins received the same fine.
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    Re: Vikings | R. Edwards fined $5,000

    Please tell me this is just wrong!!! Don't make me sober up for no reason !!!!
    I Hate when that happens!!!!!

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    Re: Vikings | R. Edwards fined $5,000

    He's a rookie. He shouldn't appeal it. He should pay it and move on. Even at NFL minimum, he's still d@mn well-off.

    I wish I made NFL minimum...

    I digress. He should take this as a learning experience, and leave it at that. Drawing it out can only be a distraction. If not for the team, then at least for him.

    That's not something I want slowing down my fastest DE, if I were B.C.

    But I'm not. I'm just SnoBum.

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    Re: Vikings | R. Edwards fined $5,000

    The fine on Edwards was mentioned in the article I posted on EJ this morning, but a big deal wasn't made over it. Just that he was flagged for it, fined for it & that he will appeal it.

    Can you imagine the big deal that would have been made over it, had Ray injured Seneca Wallace on that play?

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