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    Vikings - Proving Time?

    How much has the Vikings defense improved & where do they need to go from here?

    [size=13pt]Proving Time?[/size]


    Posted Sep 15, 2007

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    Re: Vikings - Proving Time?

    Even if we shut out Detroit, we'll probably still get very little credit for it. You have to beat the best to be the best, and we have no tough oppoonents on our schedule until after the bye week. That is why we must be at least 3-1 after these first four games if we are going to make some noise this season.

    As for our defense having a tough challenge, I think they will win that challenge, but people are still going to regard defenses like the Pats, Chargers, Ravens and Bears as better than ours. That will change by season's end. Simply puy, respect is something you have to earn, and you have to earn it every week in the NFL.
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    Re: Vikings - Proving Time?

    I do think that our defense is going to be one of the best in the NFL in all major categories this year, but Detroit is still a tough match-up.
    The size and speed of their receivers creates major problems.
    Williams is 6-3 and Johnson is 6-5.
    Both can jump and have very good ball skills.
    Our two tallest guys back there are McCauley (6-1) and Sharper (6-2).
    Obviously, height isn't the only thing that matters and our players (especially Winfield) are pretty good.
    But the Lions receivers are athletes too, and I don't like our chances in any jump ball situations.

    That being said, we play a cover 2.
    We don't need to beat their receivers, we need to beat their quarterback.
    This is very doable, as Kitna likes to throw picks left and right.
    We get some pressure on him, and he could have a long day.
    It might not matter how good Williams and Johnson are if the ball never gets close to them.
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    Re: Vikings - Proving Time?

    Mike Martz will give us a test nomatter what anyone say's. He spreads teams out wit 3, 4 anr 5 reciever formations. The keys are 1, to jam recievers at the line, and 2, blast that Bulger til his spine is gone. Kitna threw over 4000 yards last year. If we can hold them under 300 that would be awesome. The Lions are going to attack us with 3-5 step drop-backs, we must tackle and not allow any YAC. Sacking Kitna repeatedly will be big, make him hurt. That leads to turnovers, and that my friends gives us scoring opportunities.

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