"Prophet" wrote:
"jmcdon00" wrote:
I don't know how everyone can be so happy with the defense. Coming into the season I fully expected the defense to win games for this team, especially if the offense could move the ball and avoid turnovers.
In week one the defense allowed 24 points. Of the 16 teams that got a win in week 1 only 1 allowed 24 or more points(on a last second miracle TD against the chargers).
In week two the defense allowed 18 points. Of the 16 teams that got a win in week 2 only 5 gave up 18 or more points.
Add to this that the Packers were starting a new quarterback and had injuries to the offensive line and were as far as I could tell 100% healthy on defense(6th in nfl for fewest points allowed in 07).
The Colts had injuries to their offensive line and a QB that missed all of the preseason and best WR was not at a hundred percent, plus their starting center was out. There defense was short a starting DT but otherwise was very healthy(1st in fewest points allowed in 07).
To me the defense has been by far the most dissapointing aspect of the vikings in the first 2 games.
They have kept us in games.
Giving up less than 20 pts a game is a good thing (special teams fuck up against GB).
They are working on pressuring the QB which will inevitably make the #1 against the run stat slip a little.
They will get better with Frazier working them over and the personnel on the squad.
They will be a top 10 D, that is more than good enough.
Last year they were tied for 11th in the least # of points given up.
I have no problem witht the D and think they will be a top 10 D by midseason in pts allowed--which they may be already, don't feel like looking it up.
Scoring 15-20pts a game gives your defense a chance to win too.
Currently the vikings rank 22nd in pts scored and 18th in pts allowed. A year ago the Vikings ranked 15th in pts scored(8tds scored by the defense included, offensive scoring alone puts them at 20th) and 12th in pts allowed.
So both the offense and defense are down from their averages a year ago but I expected the Defense to get into the top 5 while the offense to be average.
Again though we played 2 of the top teams in the NFL a year ago so it shouldn't be that suprising if we take the purple shades off.
Last year the Packers were 4th(27.2) in points scored and 6th in pts allowed(18.2/g).On average they beat apponents by 9pts a game.
Last year the Colts were 3rd(28.1) in points scored and 1st in pts allowed(16.4/g).On average they beat opponents by 11.7pts a game.