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he's been on the field more than any wr on our team, and whats he got 2 tds, and what big play or impact over 37 games has he made.
so i'm supposed to be impressed cuz hes caught the most 5 yard curls on our team over the last 2 years?
no wonder
our pass game doesn't get better when those are the expectations.

You do realize that B-wade isn't here to stretch the field or be a red zone threat right?
Seems to me the guy that is/was supposed to be doing that all year has been on the bench/injured all year.

B-wade has been a nice fit this year when Gussy Boy was on.
Get a QB that can hit him with the timing routes, in stride and I think you will continue to see improvement (as we have seen with the use of Shanc) in this scheme.
The issue I have with B wade is he seems to drop at least 1 pass every game.
He seems to have the Williamson disease this year.
Wade hasn't even come close to the number of balls AD has dropped.

Come to think of it, Williamson probably hasn't either.
Maybe true about AP but Williamson has dropped more balls than the entire world of 80 year old men.
(Just in case people are wondering that is a saggy ball joke) ;D
TO has dropped more, as has Moss.

So has Mike Williams, who many here pined for instead of Williamson.

Including me.
Boy what a bust he has been.
You are right about TO and Moss but like AP they are difficult to be angry at because they are productive and make up for it most of the time.
TWill does nothing but continue to drop passes and be non-productive.

What he is more guilty of is dropping big passes.

He did make a lot of clutch catches for the Vikings on quick strikes where he didn't have time to think & get "buck fever", but few here remember those.

I see your point. Catching a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 7 should be way more memorable and important than flat out dropping a pass that would have led to a game winning TD.

but few here remember those.
See, I told you....

I guess you did.

Here is your prize


Yeah, I guess most WR avg 13.7 YPC while playing in MN by catching 3 yard passes.