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    In short: Defensive coordinator Dom Capers heavily blitzed Ponder in Week 13 but pulled back, especially on third downs, last Sunday. Ponder smoked the Packers on third down in the re-match, and you wonder if Capers will head back in the other direction during Saturday night's wild-card playoff game.
    A significant number of blitzes in both games were not "blitzing Ponder", as they were run blitzes with an option to move to the QB if no handoff was given. I suspect to see more of it, and the Vikings should as well.

    Some traps and screens should be game-planned as well as quick slants. Ponder has to get the correct pre-snap read on those slants though, or one or more will end up as picks.

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    Vikings-Packers III: Blitzing Ponder

    Great read, thanks.

    I just have a feeling Ponder's elbow is worse than advertised and that we will see Webb early. Just a hunch, not a wish.

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