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    Vikings Organization Complete Embarrassment

    You know they say a team's play on the field represents the personal-
    ity of the head coach...well, if that's the case then we are in dire
    straits. This team looks confused, uninspired, unmotivated, inept,
    and flat out cannot play defense.
    This is where Tice comes in or doesn't come in. Sure we started out
    6-0. Great. If you look at the schedule only one of those wins were
    against a team with a winning record. So, basically, as bad as we
    are now, any of those games a play here or there and we could be
    worse off than we are now.
    I flat out believe that tice gets outcoached each and every week. He's
    not a defensive or offensive coach. He's not a great gameplanner and
    basically all he does is walk on the sidelines and yell at people.
    So where are his credentials to be a headcoach. HE HAS NONE.
    The best thing for this team would be for cheapmccombs to sell and get
    some football people who know how to draft and how to run an nfl
    franchise. You can't expect to win in this league without drafting
    a db in the first round in eleven years. We've got guys who can't
    cover and who can't tackle.
    Until this team and organization makes a commitment to winning we can
    expect the same results every week. It seems to me that these are
    just a bunch of guys who collect a paycheck every week and could care
    less about winning.
    Sure, it's just a game for us fans; but it's an expensive game.
    We're the ones who pay their salaries and to see the lack of effort
    and the nonchalant effort of winning or losing, I believe that their
    should be some sort of checks and balances put in place. You don't
    produce or do something stupid like penalties, or missed tackles or
    just the lack of winning they should lose money or be fined. That's
    all these guys care about anyway is money. Take away their money
    and we'll see how many times they lose.

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    Vikings Organization Complete Embarrassment

    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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