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    Vikings: O-line is 'OK,' but it isn't satisfied
    "How are we doing?" Birk asked before taking a long pause. "OK."

    Vikings offensive line coach Pat Morris was asked the same thing.

    "Overall?" he asked. "I would say ... [long pause] ... OK."

    Whether the Vikings win or lose this week, there appear to be no major changes planned for the offensive line during next week's bye.
    This article proves without a doubt how much football players lie to the media.

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    Re: Vikings: O-line is 'OK,' but it isn't satisfied

    Well i think they are doing Ok. it's not the worst i've seen but certainly not the best i've seen
    but we don't get what we've payd for
    Rosie O'Donnell is a dude!

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    Re: Vikings: O-line is 'OK,' but it isn't satisfied

    Many problems arise in trying to evaluate offensive line play. NFL observers often don't understand the position. And even the experts who once played it themselves generally aren't privy to the team's protection schemes or, in some cases, the communication breakdowns that often occur on the road.
    This is a very correct statement. My good friend and fellow optimist NodackPaul posted started the following thread which can even help the football novice with some examples of what is wrong with our Pass blocking.

    The one that ends with is a prime example of what is wrong.
    Birk helps out Hutch and leaves the LG (Who in my book needs more help and just not on this play than Hutch) alone.
    Birk should have slid over.

    The Vikings also rank 10th in rushing and have had a 100-yard rusher in two of three games. They rank 11th in average per carry (4.3).
    4.3 isn't bad but the run blocking could be better IMHO.
    I lost count on how many times AD was hit in the backfield last week.
    I wonder how many yards he would have got if he wasn't dodging traffic in the backfield instead or reading the Lineplay looking to see if his first cut is open.

    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Vikings: O-line is 'OK,' but it isn't satisfied

    They continue to improve everygame. We need to keep running the ball, and when we pass the recievers need separation so the QB can deliver the ball on time. Holding the ball too long will always result in sacks. Tony Richardson is back this week, and he'll give that o-line a boost.

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