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    Vikings now see method to madness

    [size=10pt]Vikings now see method to madness[/size]

    The trepidation was natural. Who is this guy? Why does he want us to lose weight? What makes him think the West Coast offense is better? Why does he want to hit so much in practice? What's the point of playing two quarters in the exceedingly meaningless preseason finale?
    Like any new coach, Brad Childress knew he wouldn't get too far with the Vikings until players accepted his methods and philosophies. Childress calls that recognition the players' "buy-in" factor, and said Tuesday that their quick acceptance of his program played an important role in the Vikings' season-opening 19-16 victory Monday night at Washington.

    "I think when it's new," Childress said, "and there is a new coach in town, they may cross their arms a little bit and look at you and wonder what you're all about. When things are different, they don't understand them. I think when they see some method to the madness, and particularly when you can put a winning product on the field, that's why I mention that buy-in factor."

    After a feeling-out process on both sides, Childress said he began to feel support from key players as the summer moved on.

    "Just as we went through the preseason," he said, "and we went through training camp, I think they could see the merits of playing through the way we played them during the preseason."

    It wasn't always a sure thing. More than a few players grumbled this summer about a physical training camp that included "live" hitting in nearly every practice, in some cases for periods of more than 30 minutes.

    Others wondered why Childress mandated that starters play the entire first half of the preseason finale at Dallas; many coaches give starters the night off or limit their appearances to one or two series.

    But the extra work appeared to pay off against the Redskins. The Vikings were the livelier team in the fourth quarter, outgaining Washington 117 yards to 53, and they appeared to have a strong assimilation of the offensive and defensive schemes.

    "There really was a payoff," receiver Travis Taylor said. "We came prepared. All that stuff paid off for us. We didn't know it would. We had a very tough training camp. We were complaining, saying, 'Do we really have to do all this?' But it paid off. It makes you think of coach Childress as a great coach. You realize that he knows what it takes to win."

    Said center Matt Birk: "We were all kind of starting on the same page, because the staff was new and there were so many new players. But overall, I think the chemistry has been good. Guys have accepted the way that we do things now. It's a good group, especially the veterans. We've got good, solid guys that are football players. That only rubs off on younger players."

    Of course, Childress hardly appeared satisfied Tuesday while going from evaluating the Redskins game to beginning preparations for Sunday's home opener against Carolina. He referred to many of the Vikings' nine penalties Monday night as "stupid" and said it will be addressed in practice this week.

    He did not, however, downplay the significance of his team's commanding performance Monday night.

    "In that forum," he said, "I think it was special. From all the pomp and the kind of extravaganza it was, in the nation's capital, I just think it was a good win. I'm happy for [the players] in that it paid off for them. I just kind of count [the victories] up at the end of the thing."

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    Re: Vikings now see method to madness

    Herb brooks took a bunch of good - great players (not amazing ones or allstarts)..
    worked them until they thought they would fall dead.
    instilled a new system of playing a game that was etched in the young minds.
    heard complaints from alll over.. from players to critics to coaches.

    but when it was all done.. the players knew it was their preperation and H.Brooks
    coaching that lifted them above the compitition..

    i'm hoping the same happens here!!


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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