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    Dilfer was spot on with his analysis of Ponder before we even drafted him. It wasn't as much bad coaching as some are willing to believe, but more of Ponder being Ponder & who some of us thought he'd be. Musgrave's hands were tied in trying to call plays Ponder could be successful at, thus the rollouts & short passes.

    Had Musgrave called the kind of plays many of the couch OC's wanted him to call, Ponder would have failed miserably & been a complete train wreck on the field & mentally. Not a way to try & build confidence in a young QB.

    I've said before, people brag about the great players Spielman has drafted that we have playing for us. It's the same coaching staff coaching them as it is Ponder with the exception of the positional coaches. If I was to point the finger and fault any coach in particular, it would be the QB coach, who coached the likes of Ponder, Webb & Booty.
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