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    Quote Originally Posted by NodakPaul View Post
    Well thank God football games aren't played 'on paper'...
    This just in....all NFL games to be played on paper this year. Tie breakers to be decided by using Madden NFL Football.

    Vikings likely to finish 3-13 as their on paper team is weaker than last year.

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    Vikings not as good 'on paper' after losing Harvin, Winfield

    Played on paper? Will they need different shoes?

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    This just in.................. Fans no more about our team than one of it's star players.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    This just in........players vote on paper super bowl 31 teams tied for win....Lions still losers

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    LOL! HaHaaaa!

    ďFor me, Iím such a team person, Iím going to defer to my teammates,Ē he said. ďIím going to defer to the team, to the team, to the team. And I think when you reach a point where youíre not deferring any longer, itís no longer really about the team.Ē

    ďIím not saying that if I had wrote a script, this would hands down be the ideal position for me to be in,Ē Jennings said. ďI donít know. Only God knows that. But for me, itís a challenge. Itís a change of gear to where now I donít have that [established] quarterback. Thatís what everybody is saying. But in my mind, I donít need that quarterback for us to be successful. Itís not about me. Itís not about just Christian. Itís about us.Ē
    That is what I love about this team! Combine that attitude with Peterson's work ethic and this team will most likely, once again, play better than they "look on paper."
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

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    I actually agree with Greenway.

    "On Paper" we can only judge what IS. We know what Winfield brought to the table, we know what Harvin brought. We have NO CLUE how these draftees are going to pan out.

    Remember Demetrius Underwood?

    Now, adding jennings is a big plus, and coupled with Percy's "Me First" attitude (or at least that's how he appeared in the clips we got to see), Jennings will be a big stabilizing factor.

    But how do you replace Winfield?

    Sure, he wasn't the greatest in coverage....but he was a sure-fire tackler, and he had a knack for sniffing out those outside plays and killing them. You think a rookie will bring us that? Not likely.

    So, "On Paper", we've gone backwards a bit...

    We have the "Potential" to leap forward....if our rookies pan out.

    We'll see.


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    I think some people got it backwards.

    IN PRACTICE the situation is worse because we don't know how all the new guys will perform on a new team (or higher level of competition).

    ON PAPER the team looks arguably better.

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    On paper, it appears that Harvin may need surgery for a torn labrum in his hip.

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    Did Ponder get better on paper?? I think we can consider our "losses" and "gains" as a wash if not we got younger, healthier and maybe a tad better. But will we be able to rely on Ponder?? That scares me.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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