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    Re: Vikings - A New Day Dawning

    "NordicNed" wrote:
    "snowinapril" wrote:
    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    no runner saw more “eight in the box” defenses last year than Chester Taylor.
    And he still got over 1000 yards rushing. All things considered Taylor had a fantastic year.
    An observation to be made here is that I don't think that Taylor had the speed needed to punish the 8 in the box method.
    I think that AP will add two things that Taylor doesn't have.
    AP might be able to make more people miss giving him clean looks, and he also has the speed to break it, if he gets through the 8 men he has the speed and the ability to make the safety miss him.
    Taylor just didn't have the speed.
    I guess we will see.
    The only reference so far for AP is him competing against the college kids.
    We will see how he stacks up to the pros.
    I am looking forward to his journey as a Viking.
    Getting Pumped!!

    Taylor may not be the fastest of RB's, but I didn't see many runs of his where he didn't get the extra yard or two after the intial contact....The guy is a bruiser...He runs hard and hits back.
    I think he was a great find for us.....
    I don't disagree, I was one of the biggest supporters last year for CT for the reason you listed above before he even played his first game for us.
    Still like the guy, just pointing out that AP has a little more to give if his game translates into the NFL.
    I am super happy to have both of these guys on our team.

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    Re: Vikings - A New Day Dawning

    Although I believe our running game, and the defense should be fine, I think the passing game is what is gonna hurt us. I know Jackson is supposedly "on track", but it's the combination of him and Williamson that will hurt. Two inexperienced players in key postions. Maybe in a couple of seasons they may gel and start to shine.......maybe.

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    Re: Vikings - A New Day Dawning

    Most "experts" predict a long season. But no one is saying that TJ is a lousy passes. He's got all the skills needed to be great!
    So it comes down more to the line play to give him enough time to find his receivers and the pass receivers to run correct routes and CATCH THE DARN BALL!
    I think everything else in place for a better than average season.
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: Vikings - A New Day Dawning

    potential to have the DVD offensive from the falcons of a few years ago.
    We're bringing purple back.

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