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    Re: Vikings must figure out how to stop slide

    "Dizzy9257" wrote:
    Talk of 6-1 or 5-2 finish is crazy with an offense that averages 16 points per game. We are paying umpteen million dollars for an offensive line that couldn't block a popup ad let alone a pass rush! Even if they could slow down a rush our quarterback can't throw past 30 yards without help from a strong wind. Think we should settle with this being another "rebuilding" year.
    How many yards do you need to be able to throw? 30 seems more then adequate to me. If that were true which it is not, as proven game after game of tosses for more then 30 yards.

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    Re: Vikings must figure out how to stop slide

    As nice as it was thinking playoff it's just not really in the cards this year.
    The slide will most likely continue in miami, as they are on the up.
    Saying the "D isnt focused" or whater is nonesense, the D keeps us in game but the offense just pisses chance after chance away. This team has way too many holes & our leaders dont seem to want to plug them.
    this WCO is hell to watch.  159

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