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    VIKINGS MOON packers

    Vikings are consistent scoring another 31 points against the packers in the first ever encounter bewtween the two teams in the playoffs.
    Great victory for the Vikings.


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    VIKINGS MOON packers

    third time's a charm. the "we already beat you twice so u got lucky" thing doesnt work because they dont BRING IT WHEN IT COUNTS and the pack is sittin home eating cheese while we bring it to PHILLY ...

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    VIKINGS MOON packers

    heheeheheheehehhehe I concur!
    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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    Moss's Moon

    If that wasn't the funiest thing ever I dont know what was! Big win for us. SKOL!
    Terrell Owens: The most overrated player in professional sports. Randy Moss: The greatest player in professional sports.

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