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    Vikings might break out the passing game

    [size=13pt]Minnesota Vikings might break out the passing game[/size]

    Dallas' defense should be ready for Vikings' rushers

    Pioneer Press

    Article Last Updated: 10/16/2007 01:08:31 AM CDT

    Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson knows what to expect from the Dallas D.

    "After the game that we had rushing yesterday," Jackson said Monday, "I'm pretty sure they're going to make us beat them with our passing game."

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    Re: Vikings might break out the passing game

    Very nice read my friend.

    Early in the fourth quarter, Rice could not haul in another makable catch, and he slumped over on the field in disappointment.

    "I told him: 'Let's go. Let's get in that huddle,' " Wade recalled. " 'You're in the game, the ball could come back to you.' "

    Sure enough, on third and 10, Jackson smoked a pass toward the sideline, and Rice made a difficult catch for a 13-yard gain. The drive ended with a 48-yard field goal by Ryan Longwell.
    After the drop by Rice, the camera zoomed in on the huddle. B-wade was talking it up.
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    Re: Vikings might break out the passing game

    Maybe we get some screen or swing passes out to AP to help keep him in the game. Judging by the article then the Dallas D won't be bothered by Ferguson, I hadn't realised how poor his catch rate was.
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    Re: Vikings might break out the passing game

    It's become painfully obvious to any team we face, that they must stop the run and make Tarvaris beat us..... Well you can put 8-9 guys in the box and it still won't stop our rushing attack. To beat the Cowpukers, we must keep the ball and convert more third downs. Play action will be big as they will have the fear of AD breaking one. With the box stuffed with defenders we have to make plays with one on one coverage. I see us taking another step in the right direction passing wise against the bois' de cow. If we can get the horse-collar Williams #31 in single coverage, we will have some more big plays downfield in our passing game. Wade, Rice, Ferguson, Shiancoe, and T-Will have to make plays in 1-1 coverage.

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