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    Vikings mid-season report card

    [size=13pt]Vikings mid-season report card[/size]

    By Sean Jensen
    [email protected]

    Article Last Updated: 11/08/2008 11:34:41 PM CST

    TEAM C- .........

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    Re: Vikings mid-season report card

    Thanks Singer.

    Overall, a pretty decent assessment.
    I wonder what the grades would be IF we won the frickin Colts game?
    Or, I wonder what the grades would be IF we would not have shit the bed in Chicago.

    I'm kinda coming down to this.

    McKinnie's suspension hurt, that's obvious...Hicks played ok in replacing him, but, I just think McKinnie's stupidity off the field hurt the Team early.

    We need Sidney Rice on the field and out of the training room.
    I just think him being healthy and on the field will make a huge difference on an already improving offense.

    EJ going down was a significant blow.
    Yes, Greenway and Leber have stepped up, but, EJ is a fringe Pro-Bowl MLB; very hard to replace.

    We let Richardson fly, Tapeh lied, and Tahi is a downgrade from both.
    He's learning on the job and getting better, but, that's the one position on the field that has been a downgrade IMO.
    It's also a pretty important one given our propensity to run.

    Now, the controversial one...starting the season with TJack starting, turned out to be a bad decision.
    I think most of us were surprised by how much of a deer in the headlights he appeared to be, but, Gus has been a demonstrable improvement.
    Yes, he shit the bed against Chicago, but, even with his 4 picks, we win that game if Special Teams does their job.

    Jared Allen has been all that and a bag of chips as far as I'm concerned.
    His presence has released the beast, Kevin Williams.
    And, he has been a difference maker often during games.

    Bernard Berrian is as good as we were hoping.
    Gotta be concerned about 5 drops through the first half (one against Houston is on Gus IMO), but, he stretches the field and makes plays.
    11 catches 30+ yards is evidence enough.

    Madieu Williams' absence appears to have been a pretty big impact, given his performance in the Houston game.
    Certainly, being forced to start Tyrell Johnson (who did a fine job IMO) as a rookie is tough enough, but Williams appears to really know what he's doing...we shall see today.

    I don't agree that Adrian Peterson has been somewhat of a disappointment.
    He has had a couple of tough games, the coaches simply have got to figure out how to attack defenses that put 8 or 9 players in the box to stop him.

    Shiancoe is finally growing on me and contributing positively.
    We need him to continue to improve.

    DBacks look better than last year due to the presence of a pass rush.
    Antoine has had a couple of brilliant games, and is the best "football player" on the Team.
    Griff should play exclusively on large WR's.

    I still think the Team can go 10-6, and have not changed my expectations.
    Anything short, clean house.
    Oh, sorry, my bad, that's another thread

    Come on fellas, beat down those damn Packers today...I feel like celebrating!

    Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
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