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    Vikings lose to Philly LOL!!!!!

    VKG picked them to win also... actually a few people did I believe in our weekly picks

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    Vikings lose to Philly LOL!!!!!

    About being on the road, I am not sure of the #s but we have lost like 17 of 20 on the road outdoors. This is a silly stat but it has to say something. :scratch:

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    Vikings lose to Philly LOL!!!!!

    Rules of game:
    1.) Turnovers kill, you turn the ball over more times your percentage to lose goes up. Missed FG, 2 fumbles
    2.) Penalties will kill (Moss' 10yd push uncalled for even though the guy was holding his arms out not letting Moss run his route - suck it up help the team those 10yds caused the missed fg if I am not mistaken.)

    Rule 1 and 2 trumped the rule of winning - ball control and time of possesion.

    AS FAR AS DOMINATION -- thought that the Vikes dominated most of the game. Philly D line was strong but the O line did there best to keep that pocket. The O-line will probably struggle against the quicker D-lines like Philly. Kearse was jumping the snap everytime. He couldn't do that at home. When it is loud on the road, they have to rely on timing and the D takes advantage of it also.

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    Vikings lose to Philly LOL!!!!!

    "muchluv4moss" wrote:
    Well I am late with this thread but have been gone for the week, so I will now put my 2 cents in.

    There was no eagle domination in this game. We had 410 yards of offense to their 317. Time of possession was 37:53 to 22:07 in our favor. First downs were 25 to 19 in our favor. There was one stat that tells everything in this game, and says why we lost, PENALTIES. We had 10 for 70 yards, and the eagles had 3 for 25 yards. Also, most of our 10 were by our offense, when we were in or close to the redzone. Plus that call on winfield for holding, after we had stopped them on 3rd down, was completely bogus.

    If anything I would say we were closer to dominating them, then they were to dominating us, considering the only one who stopped us, was us. We clearly showed we can easily beat the eagles, if we don't make the stupid mistakes and have all the dumb drive killing penalties. But, we also see that we need to get home field advantage over the eagles, in the playoffs.

    The playcalling was absolutely horrible on offense. I said all last week, that we weren't gonna win by throwing the ball, no matter how successful we were at throwing the ball. To beat a good football team on the road, you need to pound the ball right at them, like the pack did to the panthers 2 weeks ago. We didn't even try to run the ball in the 2nd half.

    One thing from this game is, we are in serious trouble on the right side of our O-line. Dorsey has a lot more talent than haayer, but is a rookie, and who knows what he will do. He couldn't possibly do any worse than haayer did against the eagles. The rosenthol injury hurts our pass protection, but so does the sass's injury. We just aren't gonna be able to have games where we pass the ball that much, and don't run it, without jimmy and rosenthol.

    But considering we were without bennett, moe, jimmy, kenny irvin, kenny mixon, & rosenthol, we didn't do that bad of job against one of the best teams in the NFL.

    And for the record packman, I was the one guy on here, that picked the eagles to win the game, mainly because it was on the road. I however, didn't expect us to dominate their D like we did.
    NICE POST MUCHLUV :cheers:
    Lombardis DEAD,
    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

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