"packmanxxxi" wrote:
Lets take a look at the Vikings schedule shall we:

Dallas- loss
at Philly- Loss
Chicago- probable win
Bye- (they may lose this one)
at houston- win
at New Orleans- loss
Tennessee- loss
Giants- win
at Indy- loss
at GB- loss
Detroit- win
Jacksonvile- win
at Chicago- win
Seattle- loss
at Detroit- win
Green Bay- win
at Washington- win

I see them at 9-7, and thats with me as a Packer fan assuming they will beat GB. I don't REALLY think they will, but for safety sake I put it as such. Minn has a TOUGH schedule, with many of the tough games on the road. GB has a tough schedule, but with most of them at home. I see Gb at:

at Carolina- win
Chicago- win
at Indy- loss
NY- win
Tennessee- win
at Detroit- loss
Dallas- win
at redskins- win
vikings- win
at houston- win
St louis- win
at philly- loss
detroit- win
Jacksonville- win
at minn- loss
at chicago- win

I see GB at 12-4, if they run the table at home as they should.

Ok, let the comments rain down now..... :P
Very interesting prediction there, packman. Although, right away, I'd reverse the week one results. I see the Vikings beating the Cowboys at home for the season opener, while I'd have the NFC defending Champion Panthers beating the Packers in Charlotte.

I think I'd probably pick the Rams to beat the Packers at Lambeau as well. After last season, you don't really think the Packers will go 8-0 at Lambeau, do you?

Interesting that you have the Vikings losing at home to the Titans, but the Packers beating them at Lambeau. Care to give some rationale as to how the Packers will win but the Vikings will not?

I also think the Vikings will beat the Saints in New Orleans and the Seahawks in Minneapolis, but those games could easily go the other way. The Saints are a baffling team; I always think they have better talent than their final record indicates.

Your prediction could very well come true, or the roles could be completely reversed (Vikings finish 12-4, Packers finish 9-7). If you follow racehorses, a horse with improving speed figures usually continue to improve for awhile, and ones with dropping figures usually continue to drop. With the Vikings finishing 5-11, 6-10, and 9-7, the smart money would say they should improve on 9-7 this season. The Packers were 12-4 in 2002, 10-6 last year...so a drop this year isn't out of the question.