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    It's going to be tough, but we need to win at least two of our divisional games plus help to have a chance.

    @ Bears: We usually play poorly in Chicago. However, if AP can get going early, then Ponder can take advantage of the play action we have a good shot. Especially if Cutler is out.

    Take a page from Wade Phillips and double cover Brandon Marshall. They don't have anyone else who can beat us.

    @ Packers. I'm just going to chalk this up as a loss. Packers are a better team, and on the road is even tougher. But same as Bears, we can expose them a number of ways. We Need Ponder to be ON to have a chance. AP all day, Ponder to Harvin will be key. A kick return TD wouldn't hurt. Our defense needs to step up to keep us in the gam.e Keep them under 30 points and we win.

    vs. Bears. Winnable. Cutler should be back, but in our home we have the avantage. Allen goes off for 3 sacks, Robison/Everson combine for another 2.5 Forte is kept under 50 all purpose yards.

    @ Rams. Rams can turn it on, but they're not a good team. Amendola really is their only weapon. Keep him out and rattle Bradford and we win. In a dome, so we should be fine.

    @ Houston. I'm worried about this. I'm not sure there's a way we can win. We just don't match up well. They block well, they run well, we struggle against the Run Game.

    vs. Packers. I'll be at the game, so that means we'll win. No more to be said. Finishing the season off at 3-3 gets us to 9-7. Not enough for playoffs unfortunately. We need to win of the swing games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rednorsk View Post
    IMHO, what happened yesterday was a result of Percy Harvin being out of the game. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming Harvin. I'm blaming the coaches and Ponder of wanting to go to Harvin way too much. When Ponder went5 to multiple receivers he did a much better job. I wonder if the coaches will catch on.
    Yup. I kinda think the same...forced both playcalling and Ponder to look around some more. Sure, you want to keep AP and PH very involved, but we didn't seem to be trying anything else, or succeeding those rare times we did.

    Yup. Gotta get Wright some more opps! Way more speed than Aromashadu, Jenkins, or probably even Simpson. But, don't be so sure that holding him out for awhile was a mistake...pretty likely there's been: drops, fumbles, and/or wrong routes in practice by the rookie 4th rounder.

    Yup. Like somebody said, the D is way more suited to play attack defense with a lead. Until, we go prevent/eat out the clock anyway...D'oh! Another catch for CJ!???

    But still, great win! We got ahead and stayed ahead the whole game, pretty much Domination!! Maybe it gives them some confidence going into the extra bye-week of game-planning and we can pull a surprise win on da Bears!??!!? Maybe Cutler will still be concussed!? Maybe? OK, likely not, but it sure would be nice to steal another away game from our division!

    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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