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    It looked good today but I am not convinced we are a complete team. If we make the playoffs I will be happy but I don't have any expectations if we get there. Our defense needs to dictate to the opponents offense. It seems like we are hoping they make more mistakes than we do.

    Adrian dominated today. I hope that Musgrave and Harvin remember whose team this is. I know that at the beginning of the season there was concern for not putting too much on AP and letting him get healthy. The offensive scheme up to this point was called around Harvin and his versatility. Let's switch that crap up going forward. Harvin's versatility should still be second to AP. I think that the other WRs get bored watching Harvin run all over the field. Get everyone involved!

    I really enjoyed the game today. Thanks Vikings for putting a win together today.

    Now let's get the Bears and Packers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcdon00 View Post
    4th game in a row with over 100.
    In the last 4 games Peterson has
    82carries 629yds 7.7ypc 5tds
    Forget comeback player of the year, AP for MVP!

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    My thought on Wright is this.......

    It seems customary to hide talent that is not quite ready. Harvin was out and they brought Wright in to give it a try. We know now that he can play. We have been relying on the Veterans that have been brought in (Jenkins and Simpson) to fill the holes. They need to earn their money. It might be time to rethink if Wright needs to be inserted and one of these vets needs to go. I wish Wright was taller, but if he can out run a DB, get enough separation and has the hands to haul in the ball, that is enough. Maclin and Jackson are a good example. Maybe Harvin and Wright could be that dynamic.

    It would be nice to see Wright duplicate his efforts on another Sunday.

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    Ponder definitely improved this week over last, but did have his momments, but I'm still not happy with this teams red zone efficiency in respect to TD's. 3 times we stall in the redzone & have to settle for FG's. Twice at the 5 & once at the 15, despite 2 of those drives starting in Lion's territory.

    The defense played better as well & despite the flack that Winfield gets here, he still has game. He led the team with tackles, having almost double what anyone else had. That's why he's still starting.

    Back to Ponder and his success in that game. For the past few weeks my belief that part of Ponder's problem was that he was locking down on Harvin, out of trust or whatever & either not making his reads or unwilling to throw to the other receivers. Some here thought he had no one else to throw to or they simply weren't open. Harvin debunked the latter & said game film showed that receivers were indeed open, but weren't targeted.

    If both those are true, then that could explain Ponders success this week connecting with various receivers. 9 different players, not counting himself, caught passes yesterday. With Harvin out, Ponder was forced to make his reads & look elsewhere on the field for targets & low & behold he found several of them. I for one don't believe for a second that the reason that occurred is because this week for the first time all these receivers miraculously started getting open.

    To answer Marrdro's question, "Who's he going to throw to?", I guess the answer is any of those 9. Hell, even Carlson & Ponder himself caught a pass yesterday.

    I think the lack of Harvin's presence on the field actually helped improve Ponder's game this week & confidence in his other receivers. Hopefully he doesn't revert back to keying in on Harvin on almost all his throws when he returns.
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    what I saw yesterday.

    1. Wright needs more play time

    2. AP... (what other words are needed?)

    3. The ol had some good and omfg moments.. this is expected. but by next year needs to be far more on the consistantly good side.

    4. Ponder.. found open receivers? made throws? had a completion over 40yds. no int's. no turnovers.. as many have said so far, maybe not having ph for a game removed the blinders..

    5. WR's blocked, got open.. as a whole better.. as NFL.. still avg to avg<

    6. play calling was kinda.. strange, but it seemed effective. we got 6 points of turnovers. managed 3 offensive TD's. so i really can't complain.

    7. DL was in the backfield a lot, causing preasure but low on the sac total. KevenW.. way to step it up! and robinson i think will lead the league in defencive linemen blocked passes

    8. d cord.. good game plan, i liked the adjustment as the game progressed. though CJ got his yards.. they needed TO much time to make points, and in the end that 3 score lead was enouf to give them the low routes and watch the time eat away.

    9. SPT nothing major happened.. and that's a good thing! can't expect everyone to return it like PH

    10. Fraz.. i saw a cheer from him!!!

    all in all it was a good game. we had mistakes, but mostly dominated the game in all categories. we're able to rest up @ 6/4 which means we can now climb out of the shadow of the last 2 seasons. here's hoping the improvement keeps going and we take it to the beach/pack and keep our poise on the road.


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    A pleasant surprise last night!
    The last few games have been horribly painful and it was nice to see us play they way we can(and should).

    Ponder... I keep pondering the enigma that is Ponder.
    At times he shows great promise with his throws and reads. I doubt he'll be a great QB, but he can be a good QB with the right tutoring, not only from the QB coach but also by playcalling by the offensive coach.
    The question is, why did he have the absolutely horrid games that he did have? Was it the playcalling, was he reigned in by Frazier/Musgrave, limited in the plays he could make?
    Ponder had a great game against the Lions, a few iffy plays but overall great. Give us more of that!

    AP, enough said.

    Wright, give the kid some more playtime for gods sake!

    DL, very good job, I think they've been struggling a bit the last few games but it was nice to see them dominate like they can. Second half was a bit painful with all those targets to Calvin Johnson.

    Red zone efficiency, not good enough, period!
    We've seen it time and time again where we can't finish and end up with a FG. This must improve if we are to beat the Bears and Packers after the bye. Get crackin'!

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    Certainly an improvement over the past few weeks. Peterson is simply amazing and the most fun to watch back in the NFL. Pass defense must improve but run defense looked good. Detroit is a good offense and we held them 1 for 9 on third. We need to get much better to contend with the teams on the upcoming schedule though. Next two games are going to be very difficult.

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    My question is - why was Wright on the bench for the first half of the season? The coaching staff thought Aromashadu and Jenkins were better offensive weapons? Really? Maybe in the run game, but neither are realistic options in the passing game.

    The coaching staff's inability to recognize/acknowledge talent on the roster seems to be a continuing theme which dates back to the Childress era and his refusal to use Sidney Rice more... who Favre had to push Childress to get more involved (I'll reference the sideline quote of Childress saying "oh, you've always said that about (Rice)" and Favre replied, "Maybe now you'll listen to me?")

    I just feel like our coaching staff is always trying to outsmart themselves and are holding back talented players in the process.
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    Fred Evans played much better than I expected. Fusco, not so well.
    Ponder played better but left a lot of points on the field with red zone failures. Hopefully he will continue to improve. It seems he isn't always situationally aware and too often tries to make a play when he doesn't have to. Experience should help. Sure nice to see him throwing some accurate passes again.
    Liked the play calling when they went to Peterson late in the game. Wonder why they haven't done more of that?
    Good to see some turnovers and hope we don't have to wait several games to see some more.
    Though the Vikings seemingly never win in Chicago, this win should give them a confidence boost through the bye week and hopefully develop a strategy to beat the better teams in football.
    The footing at Soldier field is always slippery in the center of the field, regardless of the weather. Hope they bring all the shoes they may need and remind the players they can maximize traction by running a little more flat footed, eg. more cleats in the ground.
    A big dose of Peterson could give them a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    I think the lack of Harvin's presence on the field actually helped improve Ponder's game this week & confidence in his other receivers. Hopefully he doesn't revert back to keying in on Harvin on almost all his throws when he returns.
    That struck me as the ironic part yesterday, Harvin was out and everything seemed more balance. I do wonder if it also made Musgrave think about what he wanted to call as well so that he couldn't sleepwalk through the game as he sometimes seems to do.
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