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    Re: Are the Vikings a legit threat?

    how far we go in the playoffs depend on two things...

    run defense/offense is a constant.. that's a given..

    1. We go as far a TJ takes us... limits mistakes and makes good decisions.
    2. get pressure on the QB..

    we do those two things and sky is the limit

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    Re: Are the Vikings a legit threat?

    [size=14pt]SN: The most dangerous Team In The NFC? -- The Vikings![/size]
    So who's the squad from the "other" conference that can create the most consternation in January and, if applicable, February? The Cowboys? Packers? Seahawks?

    How about the Vikings?

    Crazy as it sounds, the team that got "blowed out" (thanks, Emmitt) by the Packers in Week 10 is one of the hottest teams in all of football after a trio of wins against the Raiders, Giants, and Lions.

    The first was a no-brainer, given the generally sorry state of the Oakland franchise. The 41-17 shocker in the Meadowlands was viewed by some as an aberration. But the demolition of Detroit raised eyebrows, especially in light of how Minnesota moved the ball with a previously one-dimensional offense.

    The offense has been the biggest surprise over the past three games. Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, a statistical bottom feeder earlier this season, has a passer rating of 69.6. He's almost back to the mythical "Kordoza Line" of 70.7, which is the career mark of former Steelers QB Kordell Stewart. More importantly, Jackson is 6-2 as the starter in his second NFL season...
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    Re: Are the Vikings a legit threat?

    the mythical "Kordoza Line" of 70.7

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    Re: Are the Vikings a legit threat?

    Before we crown ourselves we need to see a few more wins. The staff and team is to be commended for the progress they have made in the last month, but this is a new week and a new opponent that will give us a new challenge that needs to be overcome. We need to play hard, stay healthy and overcome the problems we are going to have on the defensive line. Unless we find someone who can give us pressure from the end position we will get passed on all day in the playoffs.

    One game at a time

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    Re: Are the Vikings a legit threat?

    Not sure if this is out there yet.....but thought it might fit the thread...


    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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