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    Re: The Vikings Legacy.

    Something not being fair is the worse excuse in the book. Life is not fair. If you are in a leadership role be a leader. These guys made a bad choice and will suffer whatever the consequences are deemed by the law and organization. We won't be in agreement on how the issue is handled no matter how it is handled. What happened on a personal level is completely different then what the influence is at the institutional level.

    Politics schmolitics Cajun :grin: . Every sentence has some sort of political ramifications.

    I agree with what someone wrote in another thread about these young guys being multimillionaires. It's tough. They have been treated like heroes and have had special privileges, in many cases, their whole lives. They still are responsible for their own acts.

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    Re: The Vikings Legacy.

    "WilliamsonOfTroy" wrote:
    who me ultra?

    Just making a goof on politics.

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    Re: The Vikings Legacy.

    I personally don't really care about this at all I wish they held off saying any thing until the season is over but I have far more disgust for what Smith and Underwood did then I have toward anybody on the boat.
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