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tarvaris is done as a viking everyone knows it but to put it simple the next rookie won't get a chance, he will be known as can't read a defense, doesn't understand blitz, gets sacked, and ovethrows some makeable balls, all inexperienced qb's struggle, but you can continue to be somewhat relevant "vikings" or suck for a year or two and try to be dominant with a young qb, the small school thing is bs many high end draft picks from major schools sucked.
Holy crap that was a single sentence! You might want to go re-visit grade 8 english class.

However, I'll play.

the small school thing is bs many high end draft picks from major schools sucked.
Ok, name 5 quarterbacks from small schools that made the hall of fame, or could possibly make it in the near future.

Now name 5 from big schools. It's a hell of alot easier from big schools.

Truth is, for every Steve McNair you draft from a small school, there are even more Peyton Mannings or Tom Bradys.

Peyton Manning was given time to develop,
No he wasn't. Peyton Manning was thrown out there his rookie season, had a terrible season going 3-13. Next season, 13-3. He needed One(1) season to 'develop'
vikings like old qb's because they savy, butt when push come to shove the old guys can't get it done.
despite the obvious grammatical errors, that's mostly true. We don't draft QB's well.
I want them to pick up Kellen Moore he is a little undersized but i compare to Brees, pick him up late rounds
Just say no to late round QB's... we need one of the top QB's. We don't need another project. Every season we draft a project QB, and every season we end up having to sign some old fart to come in and run our offense while our project 'develops'. We already have our developmental QB. His name is Joe Webb. Now we need to draft a top QB.
and fix offensive line it is killing them, mckinnie needs to be cut
yes, cutting McKinnie will help our OL greatly... Because decent LT's are readily available. As sad as it seems, but McKinnie has been probably our best and most consistent OL this year. Think before you type.
Psstt...he does not care.

Remember dummy!

LOL! :laugh: