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Evans and Wyms will step up

Evans can plug the middle..
Evans and Wyms aernt 1/10 of what Phat is. Even if they play the games of the lives. What a terrible time for Phat to go down, agasint the Falcons.

So you think

Wyms is just a couple years removed from a 5 sack season I think? So there will be more pressure there

Evans has had some nice stops this year.. Including being in on the goalline against the Lions

We will see man.. Obviously missing Pat is huge.. I thought there was no way we would overcome missing EJ.. But we are still plugging along

I was thinking earlier..Is this the best season Napo has had as a Viking?
I'm thinking 2006 was. That was a very good year for him & the best year of his career.

He had 59 tackles, 2.5 sacks & 3 picks that year in 14 games.