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    Vikings Interceptions

    From the Star Tribune

    [size=18px]Vikings Interceptions[/size]

    The Vikings' interception total and leader in that category for the past 10 seasons.

    Last update: December 16, 2005 at 5:12 PM

    The Vikings' interception total and leader in that category for the past 10 seasons.

    Season Total Leader

    2005* 23 Darren Sharper, 8

    2004 11 Antoine Winfield, 3

    2003 28 Brian Russell, 9

    2002 16 Greg Biekert, 4

    2001 8 Robert Griffith/Eric Kelly, 2

    2000 8 Robert Tate/Kailee Wong, 2

    1999 12 Robert Griffith, 3

    1998 19 Jimmy Hitchcock, 7

    1997 12 Dewayne Washington, 4

    1996 22 Orlando Thomas, 5

    *- through 13 games


    CB Antoine Winfield

    Leads the team with 85 tackles and has four interceptions, 11 pass breakups, four tackles for losses and four quarterback hurries.

    Right cornerback Brian Williams

    Has four interceptions, nine pass breakups, a sack, seven QB hurries and two forced fumbles.

    Strong safety Corey Chavous

    Fourth on the team with 69 tackles and has two interceptions, seven pass breakups, seven quarterback hurries and four tackles for losses.

    Chavous has not missed a start in his four seasons with the team.

    Free safety Darren Sharper

    Tied for second in NFL with eight interceptions and leads the Vikings with 16 passes defensed.

    Nickel back Fred Smoot

    Has two interceptions and is second on the team with 12 pass breakups.

    Dime back Ralph Brown

    Fifth-year veteran has seven passes defensed to go along with his 22 tackles. He beat out rookie Dovonte Edwards for playing time in the dime defense last week. Played nickel when Smoot was out.

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    Re: Vikings Interceptions

    Yes, it has been a while since the Vikings' D has done their share in the spoils. It is nice to finally have a team that can potentially win in different facets of the game. I am really burned out on the potent offense with nothing to complement it.

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    Re: Vikings Interceptions

    I think Sharper will get two today.....unless big ben goes out early hurt then it will be atleast double that.

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    Re: Vikings Interceptions

    I see alot of running in this game today from the Steelers, so I'm hoping for some fumbles..

    PHAT Pat and KW, combine for 2 fumbles, both being takeaways..

    2 INTS....... One Sharper, One Smoot.......


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    Re: Vikings Interceptions

    All I can say is that the pittsburg offense scores under 20 giving us an awesome chance to win! We will score 20-13...

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    Re: Vikings Interceptions

    2002 16 Greg Biekert, 4

    Thats very sad when a LB leads your team in picks!

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    Re: Vikings Interceptions

    That s a fact! but who cares if we get NONE!?!??!? Win today!!!!!!!!!! and LOVE tomorrow!
    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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    Re: Vikings Interceptions

    that kind of crazy how sharper has only been here for 13 games.
    We're bringing purple back.

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