Minnesota Vikings | Injury Report

Looks like Cook, Sanford and Ellison are also out for this game.

Sherels should have earned more time as the 3rd DB. I would like to see him continue to play outside in nickel situations. The Steeler's receivers are much smaller than what we've seen to date I believe, so Sherels should not have to give up so much advantage on that front. Can he keep up with them is another question.

At safety, we have been getting trashed by TE's this year. Part of that is on Sanford, but Smith has given up big plays as well when matched up against TE's. Like the game winner last week and a blown assignment on the game winner the week before. Who gets his spot? Raymond/Sendejo/Blanton? Whoever it is, I expect they will be tested.

Felton is back, AD should be happy.