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    Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    [size=13pt]Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress[/size]

    Kevin Seifert and Judd Zulgad, Star Tribune
    Last update: September 20, 2006 – 10:52 PM

    Vikings coach Brad Childress lashed out Wednesday in response to questions about injured offensive lineman Artis Hicks, refusing to disclose information in a midday news conference that he was obligated to announce three hours later.
    Childress seemed exasperated that player injuries have been reported in Twin Cities dailies. He implied that media members in some NFL markets do not report injuries, presumably to protect the local team.

    In his news conference, Childress acknowledged that Hicks, along with receivers Troy Williamson and Marcus Robinson, would be listed as questionable on the team's injury report, released every day at 3 p.m. Williamson and Robinson previously were known to have a sprained left shoulder and a strained right hamstring, respectively.

    But when asked what body part would be listed next to Hicks' name, as required by NFL rules, Childress said: "I'll let you find that out this afternoon.

    "You know what, I get tired of reading about that kind of stuff in the newspaper, to be honest with you," Childress added. "I think it's a competitive disadvantage, and there's a lot of people that don't write about it. When people know where people are injured, obviously they pick on them."

    According to the injury report, Hicks has a shoulder injury. He was wearing a harness on his left shoulder, but he participated in all of practice, according to the injury report. Williamson and Robinson did not miss any practice time, either, and they both are expected to play against Chicago.

    If Hicks cannot play, Anthony Herrera and Jason Whittle would be the top candidates to replace him.


    • Third-year player Darrion Scott was working with the first-team defensive line during practice, replacing the injured Erasmus James. Scott spent time at both right and left end.

    • James will miss the remainder of the season because of a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. "It's definitely disappointing," he said. "[It's my] second year. Everything was feeling good, and we have a great coaching staff. But obviously things happen for a reason. [A serious injury] happened to me in college as well. I came back stronger than ever so it's just another obstacle for me to get over."

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    But when asked what body part would be listed next to Hicks' name, as required by NFL rules, Childress said: "I'll let you find that out this afternoon.
    So how exacly does this translate to lashing out ??
    The TC hacks have had far to easy for too long in regards to team nws and info and I'm pleased to see a Vikes HC that has the front to not give them everything in terms of team news.
    well done coach !
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    If he has to state it on the injury report then what is the problem with telling the LOCAL media? You think a coach is more likely to waste his time with the local media of each opponent rather then just look at the injury report?

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    I have no problem with him not telling the media about things that will be made available.
    He's setting a precedent of what questions he will and will not answer as coach.
    Eventually, even the bone-headed pundits will get the clue and ask questions that are within the confines that Childress establishes.
    It's his perogative as coach.

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    I don't really get the "hush about the injury part" that much myself......I read it yesterday that Hicks injury was to his shoulder.

    Now which one, I don't know, but I'm sure a trained eye, like a conditioning coach or physical therapy aid for a team would be able to spot it and figure it out very quickly, just by watching apposing teams players body language and such...

    But I don't doubt for a second, once the players weakness or sore spot is known about, the other teams players would kick it up a notch on trying to lay some smack on that area a little more than normal.....I'm sure you could also take advantage of let's say a sore right shoulder by, always rushing to that side of the prone and sore injury...And thats rushing both defensively and offesively....


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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    No doubt your going to exploit an injury. The thing I don't get is why be an asshole about it to the media when they are going to get the info anyway?

    He seems more diciplined with the media then he does his own team. You have your pro-bowl center leading your team in penalties and you have the third most penalties in the NFL.

    You watch the Panther game and tell me how many times we were in striking distance and failed because of a penalty? You squeak by teams a field goal at a time leaving 20+ points unscored because your team is undiciplined then you have bigger problems to deal with then telling a reporter something that he will know when the report comes out anyway.

    I watched the game again last night and I hate to say it but our defense has a long ways to go in quite a few areas. This guy starts losing he is going to get hung up to dry by the media. I'm not saying kiss their ass or be like Tice, I am saying pick your fights and this one seems stupid to me.

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    Good points about team discipline.
    I just equate it to my position.
    I always have people asking for favors to do this and that and some may think I'm an donkey butt for not doing certain things.
    I set precedents so in the future I don't have to deal with certain things because there is already too much on the table.
    Sure, it wouldn't take much for Childress to answer an injury problem, maybe he was waiting on hearing from the medical staff prior to the deadline and he didn't want to waste his time talking about why he couldn't answer the question and just decided to say he won't answer those types of questions.

    There is a LOT of room for improvement on both sides of the ball.
    I know I am pleasantly surprised that they eeked out a couple Ws when I predicted them to go 2-5 the beginning of the season due to the newness of the overall team.
    I'm guessing he is worry about more important things and is thinking about those things while he is doing his obligatory meeting with the press.
    The press meeting is something to get out of the way so he can do what he needs to do, improve the team.

    He may not be taking the correct approach by supposedly minimizing the media since that is all the information that most of the money paying fans hear about.
    But that is what appears to be happening to me.

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    Most coaches start off interviews by listing off injuries. Childress didn't say "I don't have time to tell you something you will know in a few days" He goes off on some conspiracy theory about injuries and the media.

    It doesn't really matter. I just find it wierd.

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    Is this the media just calling him out?
    Are they going to play that game again?
    Seems like we had this game right after the hiring, and the lock down of info at the Viking's HQ.

    What is the big deal about injuries?
    You have to list them with the NFL anyway so they will all come out in due time.
    Brad must think that his media should help him keep things quiet until the absolute last minute.

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    Re: Vikings: Injury questions irk Childress

    The argument that Childress seems compelled to spend time on issues he can't control (the media) while not spending enough time on what he can control (penalties) is interesting. As a fan, I sure can relate to being frustrated with all the bone-headed flags, but I'm sure Childress does spend plenty of time addressing these penalties--it's just not working (yet?).

    I wonder how much a coach can control those flags, anyway.
    Sure, you can discipline your players, and lecture about penalties, but it still comes down to the whim of a ref and the make-up of the player.
    I recognize that a coach can influence latter, but too many flags fly at too many questionable moments in any given game for me to believe that good coaching can affect a complete cure for any penalty problem.

    Every coach has control issues—they wouldn’t be coaches is they didn’t—and Childress would surely like to retain control of any competitive advantage he can find.
    That he thinks he can do so with the press reflects his inexperience.
    "When you have fear, bad things happen."
    C. Fason

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