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    Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    The Minnesota Vikings announced former 12-time Pro Bowl G Randall McDaniel as the 2006 Ring of Honor inductee at the team's annual Kickoff Gala Tuesday night. McDaniel, who was originally selected by the Vikings in the first round (19th overall) of the 1988 NFL Draft, holds the record for the most Pro Bowl appearances and starts by a Viking with 11. He played for the team from 1988-1999, earning Pro Bowl honors in every season but his rookie campaign. During that span, McDaniel started 170 consecutive regular-season games for the Vikings and played a significant role in the 1998 season that saw the team score a league-record 556 points. He was also instrumental in helping RB Robert Smith break the 1,000-yard rushing mark in three consecutive seasons (1997-99).

    Following the 1999 season, McDaniel signed as a free agent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he started all 32 regular season games from 2000-01 and made his final Pro Bowl appearance in 2000. He finished his 14-year career with 220 starts in 222 regular season games played.

    McDaniel will be presented at halftime of the Vikings/Jets game on December 17 as the 15th member of the Vikings Ring of Honor, which recognizes Vikings legends for their contributions to the success of the team on and off the field. He will be honored with a banner on the facade of the Metrodome's upper deck, forever living in Vikings lore.

    Member Year Inducted
    Fran Tarkenton 1998
    Alan Page 1998
    Jim Finks 1998
    Bud Grant 1998
    Paul Krause 1998
    Fred Zamberletti 1998
    Jim Marshall 1999
    Ron Yary 2001
    Korey Stringer 2001
    Mick Tingelhoff 2001
    Carl Eller 2002
    Cris Carter 2003
    Bill Brown 2004
    Jerry Burns 2005
    Randall McDaniel 2006

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    The Class Act

    Author: Mike Wobschall,

    Former offensive guard Randall McDaniel will join other Vikings immortals in the Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor during a halftime ceremony on December 17. McDaniel, a native of Phoenix, Ariz., played 12 seasons (1988-1999) with the Minnesota Vikings and retired from the NFL in 2001.

    McDaniel says he was caught off guard upon hearing the news of his induction into the Ring of Honor.

    "We were kind of caught by surprise, my wife and I," McDaniel said of learning about his induction into the elite club. "Never expected it, I loved playing football and I loved what I did but I never expected all the stuff that came with it. So, it was kind of a shock but it was a good shock. I'm looking forward to that when it comes up."

    Memories abound for McDaniel and Vikings fans during his extended career in Minnesota. At 6-3, 287 pounds, McDaniel helped anchor an offensive line in Minnesota that paved the way for some prolific offenses. Most notable perhaps, was the 1998 team that set records for points scored in a season and advanced to the NFC Championship Game.

    "The 1998 season, even though we lost in the championship game, that year was great because there was nothing that could stop us."

    McDaniel has many other fond memories from his career in the NFL.

    "There are a lot of them," McDaniel says. "The first game I ever played in because it was the first. It was the New England game, the second game of the season. And just being out there instead of being on special teams, I was finally the starter and I just had that feeling of having made it."

    Many will remember McDaniel's awkward stance when lining up on the line of scrimmage. He would bow his left leg, causing him to stand out like a snow plow in the sweltering Arizona desert.

    Ironically, McDaniel's awkward stance stems from an element of professional football he all but completely avoided during his long career - an injury.

    "The origin of that is a simple one," McDaniel says. "I got my knee rolled up on two weeks before either my second or third year. A week or so later we were playing the Packers and my coach told me to get in there because he didn't like what was going on out there. So I was trying to get down in my stance and it was a third and long and they were coming in on a pass rush. The only way I could get low enough was to be in a stance like that and turn my left leg out. I played the rest of the game doing that and a guy made a comment that he couldn't tell what I was doing so that's when it stuck and I decided to stay with that stance.

    "I can't get in a normal stance to save my life today."

    McDaniel played in 222 games during his career, starting 220 of them, including 202 consecutive starts.

    "I was fortunate to not have any major injuries along the way," McDaniel said. "I guess the man upstairs was looking after me for that."

    As it turned out, his awkward stance worked.

    McDaniel was regarded as one of the NFL's finest offensive linemen during his playing days and was named a starter to a league-record 12 consecutive Pro Bowls (1989-2000). 11 of those appearances came as a Viking, making the likely first-ballot Hall of Famer the most decorated Viking in team history. Additionally, McDaniel blocked for five 1,000-yard rushers and four 3,000-yard passers throughout his career.

    One of those 3,000-yard passers is current Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson.

    "Randall is one of the most athletic guards to ever play," Johnson said. "He had powerful hands and he was a great leader for us. He was an awesome guy to be around and he was really good with kids. He was a great player and he is a great person and I was lucky enough to play with him here and down in Tampa Bay."

    McDaniel's presence on the Vikings and Buccaneers was instrumental in helping guide each team to the playoffs multiple times. But there is a non-football accomplishment of which McDaniel is enormously and justifiably proud: he never missed a day of school from kindergarten through 12th grade.

    And while his love for football is unwavering, the latter accomplishment has shaped him into the person he is today.

    "The thing is," McDaniel says, "I just like working with young kids. They are our future and I want to be that positive role model or influence that some kids don't get to see. Most people think kids don't often get a positive male role model in their life at an early age so I figure for some kids to see a male and a former athlete in the classroom, it will give them that extra motivation.

    "With the boys some of them don't want to read or do things of that nature so when they see me doing those same things it kind of breaks down that wall and assures them that it's okay for them to do it also."

    Although he could use his football status to land a glamorous television job or host his own radio show, McDaniel instead chooses to be a positive influence for young people.

    "I've always volunteered in the Robbinsdale district," McDaniel said. "I volunteer in different classrooms with different teachers and I also substitute teach along the way. We also run a middle school project called ‘Team McDaniel' where we do community service work."

    McDaniel's desire for helping young children should come as no surprise. He has a degree from Arizona State University in physical education and he can remember to this day his teachers in elementary school.

    "Back when I was in elementary school years ago," McDaniel said, "my first male teacher was in fifth grade. And I was lucky because I also had one in sixth grade, but other than that you didn't have a male teacher or male influence in the classroom until you got to high school. So I'm able to play that part in the elementary schools where I sub in first through fifth grade and it's just good for some kids."

    While volunteering in the schools, McDaniel will work with small groups, assist teachers with tasks they normally wouldn't get to until the end of the day and he pulls kids out of the classroom and works with them individually to help them catch up.

    "It does keep me busy," McDaniel said. "Most people think of volunteering and they think of two hours, but I show up before school starts and I don't leave until it ends."

    McDaniel's commitment to his football career was second to none and his dedication to helping children now is steadfast. His work ethic in the NFL made him elite, but his passion for helping children puts him in another class.

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    good addition to the ring =) its rare that an offensive lineman becomes a household name on a team (then again we have birk & hutch), he's the prefect candidate

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    8) Its about time. Robert Griffith should be next.

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    definatly well deserved.
    Arguably the best OL ever for the Vikings

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    Randall was a great player and person off the field and is very deserving of this award after a decade of stellar play.

    The elementary school teacher (as he is now) set the standard for OG play in the NFL.
    "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn t work hard."

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    Need to get Matt Blair up on the ring soon ;D

    Was McDaniel the first player the Vikings put the frachise tag on?

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    Great, Randall McDaniel is arguably the best player to ever wear a Vikings uniform and is just as deserving as anyone I can think of to be in the Ring of Honor, and the NFL Hall of Fame.

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    And still no Foreman.....

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    Re: Vikings to induct Randall McDaniel to Ring of Honor

    "THEBIGDADDY" wrote:
    definatly well deserved.
    Arguably the best OL ever for the Vikings
    Arguably, one of the best OL ever.
    I am a dipshit!!!

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