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    Quote Originally Posted by marshallvike View Post
    I completely disagree with you on this one 12 28. The coaches are responsible for putting the players in a position to succeed. If they can not figure out what the other team is doing, or adjust to the changes the other team is making, the players on the field have no chance. The players are on the field playing within the confines of the plays the coaches are calling. They are not out there to determine what play the other team might be calling and calling their own defenses. They do adjust to the offensive/defensive sets, but the player packages are already in place, so there are limitations to what they can do.
    The early part of this year seemed to be proof of what halftime adjustments can do for a team. We continually dominated teams in the first half of the games only to be outwitted the second halves of the first five games. We did not retool our rosters at halftime. The same players were out there, but the coaches could not think on the fly and counter the adjustments the other teams made at halftime.
    What adjustments needed to be made at halftime? We were killing them in the first half and second half we just crashed. I meant that halftime adjustments were overrated in that adjustments on the fly are much more critical. Everyone loves to throw out the word halftime adjustments as a reason for losses, but the players completely melted down in the second half. Obviously not great or even above average coaching, but that's not the complete reason for our losses in the beginning.
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    I am with 12 28 on this one. Adjustments are not, and should never be, only a halftime thing. Granted that you have a bit more time at the break to consider, it still isn't very long, and the small amount of extra time goes equally to the opponent.

    On-the-fly, situational adjustments are much more critical. Especially so since there is at least a play or two going by before the opponent has even the slightest chance to compensate. It's all about "read and react" just like it is for players on an individual play basis, only moreso for the coaches in a transitional sense.

    I do not fault the coaching staff overmuch for failure to adjust at halftime. Some blame can be placed there, certainly, but not the lion's share, IMO. Where the staff fails most egregiously is in maintaining order and discipline within the team.

    I can't count how many times I have read complaints here about how the team looked "unprepared" or "lost" or "out of position." That's initially a failure of the player(s) in question, but as it continues over time, it becomes more and more the fault of the coaches in not correcting the problem. Sure, players make mistakes. Fix them! Talk to the player, or sub him out. One or two mistakes can be forgiven, but the longer it goes on, the less you can truly fault the player.

    I had hoped the Mike Singletary would provide some of the discipline we had been lacking in 2010, but things just got worse in 2011. Someone needs to get on these guys and remind them that they are professionals and need to live up to that.

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