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    Vikings have twice lucky day

    Not only did a bad snap at the end of the game save the Vikings but GB lost to tie up the division. What that means is a Vikings win friday on christmas eve and we all get a present of the NFC North title. The Vikings got away with the win in Detroit despite a prevent defense at the end of the game that almost prevented a win. While both teams had bad third quarters the Vikings forth quarter was just a tiny tiny touch better.
    One the bright side I did like seeing Chavous playing some physical defense and he did a good job on run support. Burleson had another good game on offense. I also hope McKinnie got a wake up call after getting pulled for Dorsey. Now all the Vikings need is a good game friday!
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Vikings have twice lucky day

    Speaking of Burleson's good game whats up with fantasy chanell on direct TV, they didnt show him in the WR column for yards or overall points. When is this guy gonna get his props, he has 9 TD's and damn near 1,000 yards recieving.

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