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    Vikings have turned around their ship

    [size=12pt]Vikings have turned around their ship

    Adam Schein, Updated 29 minutes ago

    I go back to an earlier column this year.

    Grading the teams each month, I penned this at the end of October about the Minnesota Vikings.
    "The Vikings cannot complete the forward pass. The Vikings cannot stop the forward pass. Other than that, it is working really well for Brad Childress' Vikings."

    Now, the Vikings control their own destiny to make the tournament.

    Minnesota was a total eyesore during its 3-6 start. The quarterback play was wretched. The receivers couldn't catch a cold. The pass defense remained a major weakness. There were whispers that Childress had lost the locker room. The season looked completely hopeless after the Vikes got spanked 34-0 in Green Bay.

    The turnaround has been pronounced and remarkable. But will it end with a berth in the playoffs?

    Brad Childress and his staff deserve so much praise for how things have clicked over Minnesota's recent four-game winning streak.

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    Re: Vikings have turned around their ship

    We just need to keep it up.
    Play solid ball

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    Re: Vikings have turned around their ship

    Childress and the staff deserve some credit but so does TJack, Chester, AD, Sidney, The O-line, The pass rush, etc, etc....The team is finally on the same page and playing with confidence.

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    Re: Vikings have turned around their ship

    You probably should have posted this article here.

    [size=13pt]Vikings are clicking on all fronts - must deal with success[/size]

    It's a similar thread dealing with the same topic.

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    Re: Vikings have turned around their ship

    Finally, Minnesota can stop the forward pass. New defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is the defensive MVP. Stud tackle Kevin Williams tells us that the change in approach is the key to the second-half turnaround. Frazier is putting heat on the opposition's quarterbacks

    I usually don't like this guy, but this is my favorite quote...very cool.
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