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    Vikings get robbed by Vikings again......

    It's so nice to read all of you saying keep tice; are you crazy? He
    should be fired as early as this morning. There's no way you can
    bring this guy back after he guarantees us going to the playoffs and
    then goes to the desert and the offense plays probably their worst
    game of the year. NO WAY!!!!!!!!! FIRE HIM TODAY AND TAKE LINEHAN
    WITH YOU!!!!!!

    I'll support my position with these facts. Sure, we have the supposed
    #1 offense, but they were playing with one hand tied behind their
    backs. They never opened the offense up to take advantage of the
    worst defense in the league. They threw nothing deep;they played right
    into the cardinals hands. You think tice would've learned something
    after the bears game about playing it close to the vest; wrong again.
    Where was onterrio smith? After the last two games, he barely played
    Bennett didn't look like 100% and we've got williams out there who
    doesn't scare anybody.

    A good head coach beats the teams their supposed to beat. This divi-
    sion should've been settled weeks ago, but instead we're sitting at
    home again. How can you beat broncos,packers,chiefs,seahawks, and yet
    get beat by bears,chargers,raiders, and now the lowly cardinals who I
    remind you had lost seven in a row, been named on the espn poll as
    the franchise least likely that looks like a professional team and we
    go out there and get beat? Come all rests at the hc's feet.

    Penalties....this is the mark of an undisciplined team and a team with
    a lack of focus. How could this be? If Vikings win they go to the
    playoffs and what is sweeter than that we knock the packers out....
    obviously the biggest game of the year.....and we can't stay focused
    enough not to make stupid penalties that cost us each and every week.
    Oh this just in....we were the most penalized team in the league this
    year. This lies with the head coach.....who should be fired....

    Tice has lost the trust of the Vikings fans....that is why I would
    like to see Fassel as our next head coach...offensive genius....
    disciplinarian....we need him at least as oc.....

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    Vikings get robbed by Vikings again......

    "that s my nickname body Superfreak man, cause can t nobody do it quite like I can." Randy Moss

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    Vikings get robbed by Vikings again......

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