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    Vikings Front Office is Wimpy?

    I was looking at some Patterson highlights, and I found a few Randy Moss and Percy Harvin highlights. I asked myself if the Vikings front office is making good choices, or is just too thin skinned to handle the egos of skilled players in the NFL.

    Moss makes waves, and Moss gets traded. The Randy Moss trade and draft was dismal. Harvin complains about a Ponder, and Harvin get traded. The trade may work out, but was it needed?

    Fran Tarkenton, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, and many other NFL stars had pretty big egos, but their coaches could handle them. The Vikings could not handle Moss, and Childress could not handle either T.O. or Moss and forced both out the door. Childress could not handle Harvin either. Did he poison the water hole for Percy in Minnesota?

    Are the Vikings series of front office guys just wimpy, or are they doing what is best for the team?

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    I hear what you are saying and in some ways i think you are dead on.
    A lot of the problems with the team come down to instability at the top. It seems like ever since the late 70's the team has either been looking for a new stadium or looking for new owners or both at the same time. It is my sincere hope that now that the stadium bill has passed and Wilf is pretty much locked in to remaining an owner due the clauses inserted into the bill, that we will have some stability in the organization for the first time in a long time and they can finally concentrate on winning a championship. And hopefully they can get some continuity and leadership at the top that will allow them to deal with the adversity of player personalities better than they did in the past. I think the biggest thing that led to moss leaving was that Red gutted the team and the personnel in order to get the most profit out of selling the team and he wanted to win and win right then.

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    I think trying to reach back and blame the Chiller for the loss of Harvin is a bit of a stretch. To tell the truth, you didn't really hear a peep out of Percy as it relates to the media until after the Chiller left.

    One could almost say the the"Strict" structure set forth by one staff vs the "Touchy Feeling" structure set forth by the next staff could be the blame.

    I think all of us have been around the block long enough to have seen a child from a split home, were when left with one parent (strict) and left with the other parent (Not as strict), acts in each environment. Almost like night and day.

    Then to try to link this FO with the FO that traded Moss is also kindof a reach.

    Atleast for me, I think we have a coaching staff that is more "Player" friendly than some would like it (me for instance) but the FO has had to make some hard decisions of late, all of which appear to have been for the best.

    I suspect that we will see things work out for the Vikes and people that were let loose, well, not so much especially Percy. Let them lose a few games or let his numbers drop and the Percy we let go will come out my friend.
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    The front office is not wimpy.

    Wilf made sure of that when he instilled the "Vikings Code Of Conduct" back in 2005 which is strictly enforced.

    Wilf issues code of conduct: 'Be smart' |

    (sarcasm off)

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