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He left Booty off the list :P
Booty won't be an impact right away.
And Ferrotte will?
Tjack is the team MVP. If he goes down so does our season. I just don't trust Ferrotte to win any games. If just about any other player goes down I think we still have a chance(2-0 with out Peterson last year).
gus will make an impact on the sidelines, mentoring both Tjack and Booty, he does not have to hit the field to make a big impact.
I sure hope Gus does a good job.
Of course it will all be tied to how fast the QB coach can keep Gus in gatorade so he doesn't go horse from all the coaching he is doing.

OH yes we all forget what veteran back up QBs are really good for.................paper weights.
It's ok Mar, I don't think most people seem to mind you peddling the notion that a vet QB can help coach a young QB.
Ohhhhhhh they can help but I am not so sure they have as big a role as most seemed to think they do on here.

Face it, if TJ improves this year it won't be because Gus is on the sideline but more along the lines as a direct result of what TJ and Coach Rogers did during the offseason.