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I think we are now one of those "Elite" teams. With some good wins early, and some good coaching, we should be clicking on all cylinders about midway through the season.

Div Champs my friend. Div Champs.
A little skeptical with teams in the NFC like SF, Sea, GB and Atlanta.

I think we are in top part of the second tier of NFC teams like NYG, St. Lous, No, Tampa, Washington and Dallas.

I like what Tampa did this off season and is going in the right direction as did St. Louis and NYG. I think those teams along with us are heading in the right direction and whoever has the best draft in the next two years will be the ones to vie for championship against those top tier teams.

Good coaching, I am defintely weary of that statement. That is one of the reasons I was hoping to draft a WR that is more NFL ready. I think Patterson has the most talent of all the WR in the draft but he is raw and is going to have to be coached up. I really wanted Patterson in March but by April I realized what kind of project he will be and the work our coaches are going to have to do to make him ready in the fall.

I think Patterson would be crazy good in GB. I was hoping for more of a hunter type, now I hope they have Harvin type packages to get the most use out of him. Again, I posted in another thread, we should have packages that get the ball in his hands without having him running routes. I like to see packages with him running reverses, WR screens, hitch passes, Kick returns, even in the back field.