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    Re: Vikings fans traveling to Dallas

    "FreakinVikingsBaby" wrote:
    "V" wrote:
    "FromDallas" wrote:
    "V" wrote:
    "FromDallas" wrote:
    [quote author=NodakPaul link=topic=38855.msg656536#msg656536 date=1192648657]
    A "visiting team" sports bar! That is one of the coolest things I have heard in a long time.
    Dallas just got bumped up pretty high on my list of away game cities to go to.
    Unfortunately I won't be going on Sunday.

    Now if we meet in the playoffs...
    There are actually several bars in Dallas that do this for several teams. Dallas is a great sports town.
    It's a great Football town. Other than that fans are purely bandwagoners.
    There are a lot of bandwaggon fans here no doubt. That can pretty much be said about every city though.
    It's not just a great football town either. The Mavs have a HUGE following here as do the Rangers (for some reason).
    The Mavs have a huge following because they are good. That is the definition of bandwagoners. I went to 6 Rangers games this year. None sold out, and when the Cubs came to town, there were more of their fans in the stands than Rangers fans.

    The Stars had a home playoff game last year in which less than half of the stadium was filled. A playoff game.
    Same bs with my orioles man, only sold out games are against the yankees and red sox, makes it that much better when they win and you send home 30,000 + sorry @ss bandwagoners.

    Lemme know when you want to go to an Orioles game next season...except Red Sox and Yankees games, that is...and I will get us some good seats right behind the dugout.

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    Re: Vikings fans traveling to Dallas

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "gator" wrote:
    Hey Viking fans - Anyone traveling to Dallas for the game come stop by for a cold one - we are usually the visiting team headquarters and are located in downtown Dallas (we will have a Vikings flag out front).
    We hosted several thousand Pats fans last week - and a good time was had by all!!
    Hope to see you soon - should be a good ballgame.
    When I lived in Dallass back in the day (1989 - 1992), I remember going to Gator's...GREAT frozen drinks...and the 'racy' piano entertainment is HILARIOUS.
    They sing all sorts of crazy stuff...and the more drunk you get, the better it gets!
    I can still remember "The Gang Bang Song", the special version of "Lucille" that was sung whenever someone tried to leave unnoticed, the bachelorettes that got placed on the piano and serenaded by guys from the audience singing "That Lovin' Feeling"...and of course, the singing of "Sweet Chariot", complete with vulgar hand gestures!
    What a hoot!!!

    Glad to see you guys are still in business!
    Holy pooh.
    Now I REALLY want to go.
    I wonder if I can talk Mrs Nodak into letting me buy a couple of last minute airline tickets... Or is it better just to ask for forgiveness... ;D
    A SERIOUS CHRISTIAN like you wants to insert yourself into that scene...I find this VERY hard to believe!!!

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