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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Vikings Fan Who Threw Beer Could Cost Friend Season Tickets

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    I do understand you point Del, but season ticket holders have more at stake than people who are invited to the game.
    If a season ticket holder loses his tickets it is a pretty big deal.
    Good motivation to make sure your guests aren't asses.
    But if Joe Blow from the street is at his first Vikings game, gets drunk, and starts throwing bottles and therefore is banned from Vikings games in the future, do you really think he will care as much?
    He will probably just go back to watching them at the bar...

    If you want people to be civil at the game, then you need to make the consequences for not doing so serious enough to make an impact.
    If he goes back to watching them at the bar then he isn't throwing anymore beer bottles at the game and justice has been served.

    Lets say you take a guest and he throws a beer bottle, are you going to take him again? I doubt it. Are you throwing beer bottles? Nope. So he wont be at another game.

    Your right though the rules say how it is so you people lucky enough to get the season tickets know what is right and what is not. I am a season ticket holder of the Jazz and there are way more home games in the NBA then football. So I give tickets away all the time. That rule doesn't exsist for me though and if it did I would probably not buy the tickets.

    If I have spent thousands of dollars for year after year and you want to take my tickets away because someone else does something dumb then you can go sit on it and spin IMO. Because you (you being the team) are not doing background checks on patrons. So why should I? If those actions were done by someone you let in the building (again you being the team) then the punishment would stop at the person who did it. I expect the same.

    In the end though the rules are plain as day and those who wish to not abide by them can choose to not buy tickets I suppose.

    Just shooting some discussion here.

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    Re: Vikings Fan Who Threw Beer Could Cost Friend Season Tickets

    "Del" wrote:
    What do you do if you no show and someone slips into your seat and hits someone in the head with a plastic beer bottle? Are you responsible?
    That's a no-brainer. that's why I could easily figure it out.

    The tickets are scanned when you enter the stadium. If a season ticket holder doesn't show up for a game, then the records for his ticket will show that the seat was supposed to be empty in the first place. He should still even have the original unscanned ticket in his possession.

    Let's say he did attend the game, but left early & vacated his seat. Then the person slid into his seat & commited the act. Hopefully the season ticket holder would have hung on to his ticket to show that he was at the game & the act happened after he left.

    They would have to know the perps assigned seating location, either by looking at his ticket as proof or maybe by his admission of where he was supposed to be sitting, before taking any action against the season ticket holder

    Another thing I want to make clear. Even though the season ticket holder can have his season tickets revoked, it doesn't mean that the Vikings will definitely revoke his ticket. It is not mandatory that they do so. They would weigh the circumstances & the severity of the act & rule whether or not revocation is appropriate.

    What their criteria is for their judgements, I can not tell you.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Vikings Fan Who Threw Beer Could Cost Friend Season Tickets

    I saw that during the game. Holy cow!! I feel bad for the cat that gave his tickets to the bum in the first place. That reminds me. I hope to God!! my brother in law does not mess up the families season tickets! He would doing something like that, too.

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