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    Vikings @ Falcons predictions

    I hate to say it but I think we will be 2 and 9 after Sunday. I am looking forward to Toby Gerhart getting a chance to show what he can do. If ever there was a game to make Webb into a receiver this would be it.


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    It sure looks like this should be another loss, but there is a chance.

    This is the game I had originally picked in preseason as the turnaround point for us. It was one of the crucial (IMO) NFCS games we needed to win to have even a minimally successful season.

    Since I made that prediction, McNabb did little to nothing to actually help us, Berrian has been canned for bad behavior/performance, Cook s facing serious criminal penalties, and now even our rock, AD, is hurt.

    Things are looking pretty bleak, but this might just be the time for young Ponder to break out as a passer. I am still going to pick this as a loss, but I am hoping to see an all-around better performance from the team.

    Falcons 21, Vikings 20 in a nail-biter.

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    24-17 Vikings win ..... to the disbelief of all. Chaos theory in action.

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    You're right, this would've been a perfect "chaos theory in action" kinda game, but you forgot 1 thing ... you're talking about the Vikings. They never cause any chaos, they never beat anyone they shouldn't, they never end up being anyone's trap game, and they always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot when things start looking good.


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