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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    That made me chuckle.....

    Look, just because we run the C2 doesn't mean we don't press. I think I saw something last year that when posted on here surprised a bunch of you on how often we do press, but in this scheme and no detriment to our CB's, they will be told to lay off at times. Its the nature of the scheme.

    Mix in that there just aren't alot of cover CB's coming out and you'll get a defense that isn't very exciting to watch.

    In the end, our biggest issue is and has always been when we blitz our LB'rs (on the short to intermediate routes). It opens up to much stuff underneath which to the casual fan, looks like a hit on the CB.
    Yeah, I am not advocating that we press 100% of the time or anything. I just want to have the luxury of being able to do it when the situation calls for it. Obviously it is really only situational at best depending on time, down and distance but we have not had the personnel to do it at will when the situation called for it for a hell of a long time.

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    Vikings draft Gerald Hodges, OLB, Penn State in the 4th round

    Re: Hodges...we will be very happy with him for many years. Analysis paralysis...kid has instincts, can cover, can run, has heart. My money is on him, a Penn St linebacker, to be a starter, on the Vikes, for many years. He will make Special Teams contributions this year and, I think he will find himself on the field a lot. Do you hear me Kevon? This 4th Rounder was far from a wasted pick...

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