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    Re: Vikings defense no longer reliable

    Mullet hell.....he damned well better bring a muskie.

    And learn a spin move.
    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
    --John Wooden

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    Re: Vikings defense no longer reliable

    Mr Anderson wrote:
    snowinapril wrote:
    singersp wrote:
    Vikings defense no longer reliable

    In a season full of controversy and disappointment, the Minnesota Vikings defense wasn’t supposed to be a problem.

    Add another one to the list.....

    The Vikings lost further depth in the preseason when 2009 nickel cornerback Bennie Sapp was traded to Miami for punt returner/reserve wide receiver Greg Camarillo. Minnesota was so depleted in Sunday’s 28-18 loss at New England that Frazier was forced to deploy his base defense in the fourth quarter even against nickel offensive sets.
    The loss of Harvin and Rice at the beginning of the season started the wave of panic and what seem now like desperation to add pieces.

    Frazier, too, may be culpable for not tweaking his Tampa Two-flavored defense. Frazier admits “it’s possible” that Minnesota’s relatively straight 4-3 system has become too predictable. Frazier has long believed that what is a relatively simple scheme at its core can be effective provided it’s executed properly.

    “If you can play fast at our level, you can be successful,” said Frazier, whose 2008 and 2009 Vikings defenses each finished No. 6 in the NFL yardage rankings. “But if you’re cluttered with, ‘What’s my responsibility here or there?’ and it slows you down, it’s hard to play.”
    Secondary not knowing what they are doing is probably holding this D back a bit, even then, not as good as last year.

    Who is in charge of the D, Frasier or Chilly? Doesn't look good on Frasier if he is in control.
    Frazier is the defensive coordinator, but Childress has proven to be a bit of a control freak. So who knows what kind of risks Frazier is allowed to take with the defense.

    Most simply I think our problem can be attributed to lack of pressure. We need to win the one on one match ups we're getting outside.

    Kevin Williams is doubled almost every play, but still has a sack. Allen and Edwards have 1.0 and 1.5 respectively - they need to step their games up.

    Either every offensive tackle in the NFL improved drastically this off season, or these guys are just sucking. I'm going to assume the latter.

    I agree...lack of pressure kills our already weak secondary. Not to mention AAllen can't tackle...we get the ball back if he stops Woodhead. And MWilliams takes bad angles and can't pick off a ball unless it falls into his hands.

    JAllen must get more pressure...he's being blocked by one guy most times, and as Infidel says he should learn a spin move to the inside like that sick rush by Matthews last Sunday sacking Sanchez (that was a thing of beauty). We are giving QB's all day to throw back there...can't do that.
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    Re: Vikings defense no longer reliable

    Well, atleast they had 2 good quarters tonight. And they stepped up when we needed them.

    Some of that I think can be attributed to a few of the DL combos we saw out there tonight. Heck, I even saw a combo were Everson was at RDE.

    Seems like even though we ate a few yards in the middle, the big four were a bit fresher than normal at the end. Good thing to, cause we needed them.

    Hell of a nice play by Lito at the end. I know we are living on borrowed time with our DB's this year, but they sure looked good at times, especially when the DL was getting it done alone and the LB'rs could help.

    The (Almost) INT by Chad had only the front four going in and all 3 LB'rs dropping into thier zones. Heck of a thing to see finally.

    Another thing, ole Leslie sent a Asher/M-Will blitz that worked.

    Not sure though........ Still see things like M-will miss a nice tackle for loss on the RB (who threw by the way) and no pressure from the DL at times..........

    I'll give em one more game like we saw tonight with a bit more consistency and I will buy into them, finally, this year.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Vikings defense no longer reliable

    If they cut down on letting the opposition converting 3rd and longs then I'll be a lot lot happier with them this season.
    Maybe this is the game that wakes up the pass rush so that we finally get some pressure on the bloody QB That will then ease some of the pressure on the secondary.
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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