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    Vikings at Colts - Predictions

    I think it's going to be another close game and it's going to come down to how our achilles heel the secondary plays, as will every game this year. Will we make Luck look like a pro-bowler like we have so many QB's in recent years, or will we finally have one of those multi INT games?

    I have a feeling we're going to pick Luck at least twice, and I can see 1 going for 6. We're long overdue. He just gives me the same vibe I get whenever we face Eli. We own that dude for whatever reason. AP is going over 100 too, with most of it coming on the 60 yarder he'll have on our opening drive of the 2nd half. Just get Harvin the damn ball Ponder.

    Vikings 24-20

    Week 2 standings:
    Vikings 2-0
    Packers 0-2

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    I think this one looks close for three quarters, but then the pressure gets to Luck and he tosses a pick 6 our way. After that, it's never close again. Vikings win, 34-20.

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    Our track record against the Colts is not very good, of course, Peyton might have had something to do with it. Being on their turf won't help any.

    I think we are the better team, but very unpredictable at this point. Luck will continue to struggle until his OL can give him some protection, but if he's going to play well early in his career this might be a good week for it. With their apparent de-emphasis on the running game, our nickelbacks should get a workout.

    I think the Colts will move the ball and put up some points, but the Vikings are hungry to get another taste of victory and will find a way to pull this one out. 27-24.

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    Vikings 27
    Colts 17
    Count on it.
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    I think Jared breaks out in this one and puts some backside pressure on Luck. We need will disguise and blitz often. Harvin comes up big with a double dose of AD and Toby. Vikes move to 2-0! 23-17

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    I see this as a low scoring game with us pounding away with Adrian, and Toby keeping the ball away from Luck. We win a sqeaker 20-14.

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    The Colts will be without Freeney, Angerer, Reitz, and possibly Collie this week.. This should definitely benefit Kalil and Ponder.

    Vikings win 34-21

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    Last week's game, although a win, didn't give me great confidence that this team is any better than mediocre to average. We still have a young and inexperienced secondary, and Luck threw for 300 yards last week (though a lot of it was in catch-up mode). Even though they didn't look like world beaters last week, the run D should shut down the Colts poor excuse for a ground game and then it will be up to the secondary to limit the damage through the air. I'd expect the DL to record a few sacks, and the Vikings to control the LOS on both sides of the ball and pound the rock on the ground. As with most weeks, we need to eliminate the turnovers, drive killing (or drive extending) penalties, get some three and outs on D to keep them fresh, and eliminate some of those 3rd and long conversions by the opponent. I see another close game, with the Vikings again winning by a FG...something like 23-20.

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    31-17 Vikes.

    Ponder is going to start finding his rhythm on a more regular basis and it starts against the Colts. Sorry Indianapolis its just the luck of the draw.

    Ponder is going to have a BIG game. Over 400 yards big....
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    I honestly have no idea what to expect. Both teams and both coaching staffs are young. Unexpected things are boud to happen that will swing the game one way or the other.
    With the exception of the WR's and the secondary are the weak points and I expect that to be the case all year but they are fun to watch as they grow and gain experience.

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