So, is the level of success for EVERY season winning the Super Bowl? If so, these page after page rants hold true. Yes, we can criticize every move made by the Coach and the Coaches, in fact, it is our prerogative as paying fans. However, if Super Bowl victory is the barometer of success every year, then, Childress should have been fired years ago. And, coaches like Bud Grant and Marv Levy were given favors for both being held on long enough to lose 4 Super Bowls, and, being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. No, I'm not comparing Childress to Levy or Grant, merely trying to illustrate how absurd these rants are.

Are you seriously telling me that a head coach (Childress) of a 12-4 team doesn't know what he's doing? OK, well, let's then say, Favre was the only reason the Vikes went 12-4 last year (which is partially true, but not totally), then, perhaps a 10-6 campaign the year before was a fluke too.

Come on fans, this, is bullshit. We have far more pressing matters to be concerned about, like Sidney's health, the Offensive Line, Percy's migraines, and, the hated Packers.