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Felton was the one FA signing Spielman got right out of 11 new FA signings. He does deserve credit & it was a unjustly slap in face when AD said he didn't need need him & preferred to not have anyone in front paving the way.
But is one solid season in which Felton played just 37.7% of the snaps (414 total) enough to justify making him one of the NFL's highest-paid fullbacks?
One teammate called Ellison the Vikings' best draft pick -- high, if overboard, praise in a class that included left tackle Matt Kalil, safety Harrison Smith and place-kicker Blair Walsh. The website ProFootballFocus.com rated Ellison as the NFL's second-best blocking fullback, based on his time in the backfield.
Ellison played 23.7 % of the snaps


I was quite happy with Felton this year on the field after his shaky DUI in June but ditching starting tackles every couple of years are harder to replace than a fullback and they are out there for more of the snaps, sometimes the do get a TE or a back help and sometimes they are on their own. I'd hate to see a year with a Charlie Johnson type at RT.